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Thanks for a great turnout!

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Hey, everyone--

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who came out Tuesday night for the Small Screen, Big Picture
seminar and pitch panel at Barnes & Noble here in L.A. There were a ton of Script Notes readers there... some familiar faces and some great newbies... and it was wonderful to see you all. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the support...

William, the Barnes & Noble event manager, was thrilled with the turnout... he said it was by the most successful local event they've ever had there-- so thank you!

And for those of you who weren't able to make it, you missed a terrific time. I gave a much-longer-than-planned talk about the elements of successful TV shows, and then we brought out a panel of special guests: Lindsay Howard, a scripted agent from APA, and Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina, executive producers from Joke Productions, one of the hottest reality companies in town right now. Audience members were then able to pitch us ideas for their TV shows and get feedback on their pitches... and we heard some GREAT stuff.

To be totally honest, while not all the pitches were home runs, I was really impressed with the overall quality of the ideas and the poise of the pitchers. So kudos to everyone who attended, supported, and pitched! I hope you had a great time and left with something valuable!

For a fun description of the night, check out the blog of my friend and fellow TV writer, Paula Yoo... although be warned: you're not only in for a description of the night, but also for a gushy lovefest over Anoop Desai. (Trust me-- I'm embarrassed FOR her, I swear.) (Just kidding, Paula!) (Not really.) (And to be fair, at least once a week I find myself inadvertently rocking out to Kelly Clarkson.)

And lastly, here are some photos from the night, compliments of Paula... thanks, Paula!

The "seminar" in full-swing (and running way longer than I'd intended... so thanks to everyone for putting up with me!)

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More me...

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A display of books (I know this isn't that exciting to look at, but I have to admit... I like the poster)

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The pitch panel in progress (from left to right: me, standing; Lindsay Howard; Joke Fincioen, Biagio Messina)

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And if you weren't able to come but would still like pick up the book, please do!...

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