Storywise: All Your Favorite Writers... In Their Own Words!

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Hey, folks--

This is gonna sound like shameless promotion, and maybe it is-- especially considering Jen Grisanti is a friend of mine-- but this is a great new resource that you should all check out.

Jen, who used to run current programming at Spelling TV and is now coaching countless of top-notch writers and directors through Jen Grisanti Consultancy, has launched Storywise... a monthly periodic podcast of interviews with A-list screenwriters and TV writers.

Her first episode features an awesome interview with TV writer and executive producer Glen Mazzara (The Shield, Life, Crash, Hawthorne), and her latest interview is with feature writer Jason Filardi (Bringing Down the House, 17 Again).

If you love hearing writers talk about their own paths, definitely check this out!

Also-- as a lot of you know-- I'm a HUGE proponent of podcasts... I'm always shocked that they haven't become more mainstream, especially since they're downloadable, making them portable enough to listen to in your car, at the gym, as you're cooking dinner-- wherever you want!

Anyway, for writers looking to learn from other writers' experiences, Storywise a great way to get wonderful advice right from the source!

Click HERE to check it out...