Great Performances

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Hey, everyone--

Check out this webisode that was shot for Reality Binge, the talk/sketch show I'm working on for Fox Reality Channel. (I'm the hot guy in the blue t-shirt, the one with the sledgehammer idea at the beginning.)

Reality Binge: Mustache Stalker

By the way, if you liked this, and have quick moment, please do me a super-fast totally self-serving favor!!!...

On the Reality Bingewebsite, you can ask questions to our host, Eric Toms, and he'll answer them on the site. These questions can be funny, serious, scientific, political, religious, insulting, absurdist, kind, arrogant, gentle... whatever you want. And you can submit as many as you want! But we want/need/would love to have more questions!

Just click HERE and it'll take you to the question form on the site.

Thanks a million, guys-- I really appreciate it!