Free Screenplays & TV Scripts

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Hey, screenwriters--

I've been getting a lot of questions from people wondering where they can find TV scripts and screenplays to read and study, so I wanted to point you to two excellend websites:

Drew's Script-o-Rama has tons of downloadable movie and TV scripts... everything from classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Searchers to current films like Shrek the Third (if you can actually bear to read that).

The Internet Movie Script Database only allows you to read online (no downloads), but they do a great job getting some hot and current scripts up there (they just added The Other Boleyn Girl, American Gangster, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Into the Wild. Oh, and also The Bourne Ultimatum, the greatest action movie ever made.)

I'll also add these to the blogroll so you can find them later.

And if any of you know of other good sites for finding scripts, lemme know and I'll post them as well.

Oh, AND-- if you leave in Los Angeles and don't know this, an incredible resource for finding scripts is the library at the Writers Guild West. It has on file copies of-- literally-- just about every TV and film script ever produced. You can't take them out of the library... you can only read them there... but you don't have to be a WGA member to go in. They also host periodic events like talks and seminars with great screenwriters and showrunners. Check it out: it's amazing.