A bunch of stuff... including Scott's contest question

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Hey, guys--

A bunch of stuff...

1) Scott asked a good about the Spinoff Contest... "Will you allow entrants from outside the US?"

The answer?... ABSOLUTELY! Wherever you are, Scott-- or anyone else-- please: submit away! Click HERE for all the details...

2) If you're into web video, check out a great website called eGuiders. Using a team of top-notch industry advisors, including Deadwood creator David Milch, as well as heavyweight advisors like Jerry Stiller, Damon Lindelof, John Landis, and Shawn Ryan, eGuiders aggregates the best videos in cyberspace and places them in easy-to-find categories: documentaries, spinoffs, drama and genre, comedy, etc. It's a great way to let industry big-wigs do the heavy-lifting of sorting through all the online crap so you only have to watch the best of the best!

3) This is going to be of interest to almost NO ONE except me, but so I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED I don't care... CLICK HERE to read today's Variety article about Eddie Van Halen's new guitar... and the new album the band is hoping to start this summer!!!