Writing Your TV Pilot - Next Thursday!

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Hey, everyone--

If you're working on a script for the next Lost, Friends, or 24... or toying with an idea... or just love television... check out the class I'm teaching for mediabistro next Thursday night...

Writing the TV Pilot: Create and develop your own series

With broadcast networks trying new programming strategies and new cable networks springing up every day, there are more opportunities than ever to sell a TV idea and get a show on the air. But TV pilots are an artform unto themselves... they work differently than novels, movies, or even regular TV episodes... and if you don't have a solid grasp of how pilots work-- and what networks and studios look for-- it's nearly impossible to sell an idea! This seminar explores the art and craft of writing a TV pilot: structure, character, genre... and what a pilot must accomplish in order to impress and survive TV's development execs.

(It's also one of my favorite classes to teach...)

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WHEN: Thursday, August 7, 7-10 pm
WHERE: Beverly Hills Bar Assoc., 300 S. Beverly Dr., 2nd Fl., Beverly Hills, CA 90212
COST: $65 ($50 for avantguild members)
: Call 212-547-7890 or click HERE