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Writers-- and employees of all stripes-- unite!

Hey, folks--

Just wanted to invite you all to an important event tomorrow... it concerns not only Hollywood's writers, but employees everywhere!

Join WGAW President Patric M. Verrone, WGAW members and the Los Angeles Federation of Labor as Los Angeles workers fight for the Employee Free Choice Act.

Patric will be addressing a crowd that is gathering to tell Senator Dianne Feinstein that she should support the Employee Free Choice Act. If the act passes, it will greatly help reality writers, animation writers, alternative writers, and thousands of other employees-- writers and otherwise-- who aren't currently able to get health care, fair wages, or other standard working conditions!

This historic piece of pro-worker legislation will dramatically change workers right to join the union of their choice without employer interference, and could help writers in reality, animation, videogames and other genres gain Guild-coverage.

Wednesday, May 6th
Noon – 2pm
Federal Building, 300 N. Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles

Til 7 PM - $5 flat rate
Commercial and Alameda
(1 1/2 blocks from site)

City Lot #2
Til 4 AM - $8 flat rate,
Across from Edward Roybal Building
255 East Temple St.
(1 block from site)

LA Mall City Lot
Til 6 pm - $13.20 max.
225 North Los Angeles Street

For more information, click here...

EFCA_vigil_Los_Angeles.pdf (600.06 KB)

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