Write and Own Your Own Show at StrikeTV!

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Hey, writers-- wanna create, write, and OWN your own show? Here's your chance...

Last week, the Writers Guild announced the formation of StrikeTV, an ad-supported online "TV channel" boasting all original content written, directed, and produced by professional screenwriters, directors, and producers. Which-- frankly-- is more than the networks and studios have right now.

Proceeds from the ad money generated by StrikeTV goes toward the Writers Guild Foundation's Industry Support Fund, which helps union diretors, actors, and below-the-line workers keep food on their tables during the strike.

But unlike the networks and studios, StrikeTV allows the writers, creators, and producers of its shows to maintain ownership of their own content... meaning if your show becomes a hit-- no one profits but you!

StrikeTV is holding a seminar entitled "StrikeTV: Adventures in New Media," this Saturday, January 9, at 1:00 p.m. at the WGA theater (135 S. Doheny Dr.
BH 90211). The first half will be devoted to speakers and discussions about
the emerging world of digital media, as well as how writers can maintain
ownership and become financial partners in their own content. The second half focuses on actual physical production.

For more information about the seminar or StrikeTV in general, check out StrikeTV's official MySpace page!