TrackingB Screenwriting Contest (and a great resource)!

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Hey, screenwriters--

Just wanted to make you aware of a great new service and website out there:, a subsciption-based tracking board.

Tracking Boards are one of the main resources of writers, execs, agents, and producers working in the film industry. They're forums for trading and monitoring inside information on scripts, projects, and films in development and production. Wanna know what romantic comedies studios are buying? Check your tracking board. Wondering what Lions Gate has on its development slate? Ask your tracking board. Wanna know what execs thought about a hot spec script on the market? You got it-- tracking board.

Traditionally, most tracking boards have been invitation-only, formed by exclusive groups of industry friends and colleagues who handpick who can participate in the tracking board. But is changing all that-- as Hollywood's first major subscription-based tracking board. And at $69/year, it's very affordable. So... check it out-- the information you'll find there is invaluable to anyone trying to break into the industry!

Also... TrackingB is hosting The TrackingB Inaugural Screenplay Contest, with entries being judged by agents and execs from major companies like Underground Films, Anonymous Content, and Drew Barrymore's Flower Films. The entry fee is only $35.00, and you can click here for all the details.

Three selected finalists will receive promotion on TrackingB (which has already received requests to read the winning scripts), and they'll receive feedback from each judge on the contest's panel. Five honorable mentions will receive a plug on the site, as well as free TrackingB membership for a year.

The bad news: the entry deadline is this coming Sunday, January 20, 2008. I would've posted this sooner, but I'm just learning about it. Still, if you have something you can submit-- go for it. TrackingB is a rising company, and it's a chance to be read by some of Hollywood's real movers and shakers.

Good luck... and lemme know how you do!