Fight for Writers' Rights... and Get A Free Trip To San Francisco!

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Hundreds of supporters will be traveling around the country to American Idol auditions to expose FremantleMedia's unfair treatment of its workers. The first stop of the American Idol Truth Tour is San Francisco, CA. On Wednesday, July 16th, reality & game show writers, WGAW members, Teamsters and other allies will be leaving Los Angeles for the first stop on the American Idol Truth Tour. Come & get on the bus! Two large events will kick off the Truth Tour.
American Idol Truth Tour Kick-Off Press Conference

Wednesday, July 16th @ 10am

WGAW multi-purpose room, 7000 W 3rd St, Los Angeles

***Bus to San Francisco leaves immediately after the Press Conference. Transportation, food, and hotel will be provided.***

Hey, writers--

FremantleMedia is beginning its next round of auditions for FOX's mega-hit reality show American Idol, and TheWriters Guild of America is using the opportunity to step up its fight to organize reality TV and game show writers... and they need your help-- AND YOU CAN GET A FREE TRIP FROM L.A. TO SAN FRANCISCO!

Here's the message direct from the WGA...

The Writers Guild of America, West continues to fight for WGA-coverage of all 'reality' & game shows. The WGAW stands with you to demand that production companies like FremantleMedia

respect you with industry standard benefits. The WGA's Network Organizing Committee (NOC)
 is shining a light on FremantleMedia's unfair treatment of its writers. FremantleMedia's marquee show,
American Idol, is conducting its Season 8 national auditions. WGAW members and reality & game show writers will be joined by Teamsters Local 399 & other labor allies on the American Idol Truth Tour.

American Idol Truth Tour Rally

Thursday, July 17th @ 11am

Outside the Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA

***Bus to Los Angeles will leave after the rally and arrive in Los Angeles by 11pm Thursday night.***


For more information and to reserve your seat on the American Idol Truth Tour bus, contact WGAW Organizing Department:

Trish Albert

WGAW Organizer


For more information on the fight to organize reality TV, check out the WGA's organizing page, or download the following study from Goodwin Simon Victoria Research:

harsh_reality.pdf (195.68 KB)


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