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Practical Writing & Publishing Advice For Beginning Writers

The Beginning Writer's Answer Book covers everything from how to get started in writing to finding an agent and getting published. No matter what type of writer you are--fiction, nonfiction, or freelance--you'll find practical writing advice to help advance your career.
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Every writer has to start somewhere. Whether you are a hobbyist looking for a creative outlet, or someone who aspires to be a bestselling author, the Beginning Writer's Answer Book answers all of your questions about writing and getting published. Each of the book's 29 chapters will give you get a better understanding of writing and provide insight into the publishing industry.

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The Best Advice For Beginning Writers

The book features hundreds of questions and answers about the craft and business of writing. You'll find tips and techniques about writing fiction and nonfiction, starting a freelance business, and more. Author Jane Friedman explores questions such as:

  • Do I have what it takes to be a writer?
  • How do I get published?
  • How do I format and submit my work?
  • How do I find an agent?
  • How do I edit and revise?
  • Why am I getting rejected?
  • How do book publishers operate?
  • How do I start a freelance career?

Not only will you get the answers to these questions and more, but you'll also get valuable insight into the way things work within the world of publishing. In addition to practical writing advice, each chapter features resources for writers, and information you need to get started in writing.

What does it take to become a writer?

You've committed to becoming a writer. Now what? A good place to start is to discover your personal preferences. At what time of day do you write best? What is your preferred writing environment? Do you like absolute quiet or do you work best in noisy surroundings? Once you figure out your preferences, it's time to explore the tools and equipment you'll need, such as a computer, printer, telephone, Internet access, and more.

How do I get published?

Getting published is every writer's dream. In order to make this dream a reality, you have to do your research, understand a publication's or publisher's submission guidelines, and write a query letter. You'll learn how to research the market and target the agents and editors that are right for your work. You'll discover where to find listings for agents who specialize in your genre, and specific submission information. You'll also get etiquette pointers so you know how to initiate contact and respond to editors and agents. Plus, you'll get tips on writing and submitting a query letters for both books and magazines.

The Beginning Writer's Answer Book guides beginning writers through the publishing process--from start to finish. It's an essential resource that every writer should have on their bookshelf. No matter where you are in the writing or publishing process, you'll refer to it time and time again for advice and guidance.

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