Music Industry Contacts, Music Venues, & Songwriting Tips

Gain exclusive access to music industry contacts, find and book music venues for your tour, enter songwriting contests and competitions, and learn songwriting tips.
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No matter what genre of music you write – country, pop, jazz, Christian, blues, rock, hip hop – to name a few, the 2012 Songwriter’s Market is a must have for any experienced or beginner songwriter.

This trusted book about songwriting, edited by Adria Haley, has been sharing insider information from music industry contacts with readers all over the country for more than 30 years. It contains ways to:

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  • How to Make it in the Music Industry. Regardless of the music you write, you need the best information possible on how to effectively promote your music writing to producers, music publishers, record companies, and music booking agents.
  • Explores the Songwriting Process. The book is filled with articles on topics such as music copyright, songwriting terms, and music publishing.
  • Get Songwriting Tips. Find music licensing opportunities, locate music venues to begin booking your own tours, and get free songwriting tips and advice from famous songwriters, such as Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum.

Music Industry Contacts & Major Record Companies

This year’s edition gives you access to hundreds of songwriting placement strategies to help you take charge of your career and become a successful songwriter. You’ll find informative articles on navigating the changing world of social media, and songwriting tips. Plus, tons of listings for major record companies with detailed information such as how to contact, submission tips, and what types of music they accept.

Songwriting Contests & Music Venues

2012 Songwriter’s Market has just about every event or group you’d ever want to attend or join – from music organizations, songwriting contests, workshops and retreats, to conferences and songwriting competitions. And new to this year’s guide is a list of music venues. Indie artists in particular will find this to be a great tool for booking their own music tours. Amy Stroup, an indie artist, says this edition of the book helps artists create the buzz they need. “This is an excellent resource to determine the kind of entrance you want to make the world of singer-songwriters,” she says.

The book also has a complete calendar, with plenty of space for recording upcoming music industry events you’d like to attend or songwriting contests you are planning on entering. It’s also a great way to keep you organized and on schedule for meeting important deadlines.

Songwriting Tips & The Music Industry

With purchase of the book, you’ll get an exclusive webinar with Sarah Gavigan, a music licensing expert. This free, 60-minute webinar teaches you how to find music venues, explores the songwriting process, gives her tips on songwriting, keeps you up to date on the music industry and more. Don’t put your dreams on hold – use this guide to become a famous songwriter, get tips for songwriting, and learn about the music industry!

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