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Introducing Writer's Digest eBooks: Everything You Need To Improve Your Writing and Get Published

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We have some exciting news to share. Our writing community at F+W Media has launched a terrific resource for writers: Writer's Digest eBooks! Offered as an annual subscription, the online eBook reader offers online access to more than 80 digital resources, including Writer's Digest magazine digital issues and books on writing. Learn how to write nonfiction, memoirs, personal essays, young adult novels, science fiction, fantasy, romance and more! You can also read books on freelance writing, marketing, and publishing.

As a subscriber, you can read and look at any book or digital issue as many times as you want--there are no limits to the number of books you can peruse! Plus, the digital format allows you to bookmark your place, take notes and organize your creative ideas for quick reference in the eBook library.

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Writers, use these essential resources to:

  • Start writing today.
  • Improve your writing skills.
  • Promote and market your work.
  • Find an literary agent and get published or learn about self-publishing.

Access our digital collection of writing resources online through your computer. Coming soon, we will also have support for eBook readers and apps. All you have to do is subscribe!

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