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Expert Tips on How to Get a Literary Agent & Impress Publishers and Editors

Wonder how to get a literary agent? Read onto learn from publishers and editors who share how to land a literary agent, and secrets about the publishing process.

Writers of all levels aspire to see their work published. Whether you are in the process of writing, editing, or submitting your novel or book, you're on the path to becoming an author. This week's editor's pick is the Land an Agent and Get Published premium collection, which consists of a mix of books, OnDemand webinars, and critiques to guide you through the publishing process. Here's a quick overview of what this special collection includes.

How Find a Literary Agent | How to Land an Agent

Search For a Literary Agent and Publishing Editor For Your Work

One of the biggest mistakes writers make is by sending a query to the wrong literary agent or publishing editor. Knowing who to submit your work to is essential, which is what you will learn in this OnDemand webinar hosted by Scott Eagan. He teaches you how to effectively search for a literary agent or publisher who is right for your work and how to showcase your writing in a pitch--giving you the best chance of success.

Secrets to How to Land a Literary Agent

This OnDemand Webinar with guest speaker Chuck Sambuchino, editor of the best selling book Guide to Literary Agents, goes through the process of how to land a literary agent, including researching your niche market, initiating contact with book editors and agents, and writing a query letter. He teaches you insider secrets to what agents look for from writers, and shares some of the best websites and resources about literary agents.

2nd Draft Writing Critique Service: The Best Way to Improve

Nothing is worse than sending in your query letter before you have perfected it. As they say, you only get one chance to make an impression on an agent or editor, so make it your best by taking advantage of our 2nd Draft Critique Service. You'll receive detailed feedback and writing advice on a one page query letter from our critique editors. Pay attention to their suggestions and revise your query letter accordingly. We've also included the Writer's Digest Guide to Query Letters book to help you write your best letter. Once your query letter is at its best, free of grammar or spelling errors, you can send it out to a literary agent or book editor.

Get Publishing Savvy: How to Find a Literary Agent

Writers both new and old often wonder how to find a literary agent for their novel or book. You will learn the answers to this question and other related ones from How Do I Find an Agent?, edited by Jane Friedman, a published author and former publisher for Writer's Digest. Learn valuable writing advice to find the right agent for you and take the next steps to contacting publishing agents and perfecting your query letter.

An Expert's Guide to Literary Agents

Every writer aspires to get a book deal. Chances are you might not know the ways to accomplish this, which is why we recommend the 2012 Guide to Literary Agents. This new edition includes updated contact information for thousands of literary agents in every genre and guides you on how to find a literary agent. Plus, you'll have access to writing advice from the industry's top literary agents and articles on writing a query letter, composing a book proposal, how to write a novel synopsis, and more.

An Inside Look at Publishing & How to Get a Literary Agent

The WD Editors take you inside the publishing industry in this bestselling digital issue. Read about what an book publishing agent does, how to publish a book, 10 tips for polishing your manuscript before submitting it to agents, the best hooks for a story, and about self-publishing. The issue features literary reps who are accepting new work, and success stories from published authors. Plus, you'll learn ways to get your foot in the door, how to get a literary agent, hear from some of the industry's leading agents, and tips on the submission process.

Noteworthy Tips on What Publishers and Editors Look For

Every writer wants to know what publishers and editors look for. After all, getting your work rejected is not fun. This OnDemand webinar with literary agent Rachelle Gardner is great for fiction and nonfiction writers who are either writing a book or developing a book proposal. She speaks extensively about how book publishers evaluate potential books with a detailed approach and suggests ways for writers to review their own writing. As an added bonus, we have also included a digital download of exclusive interviews with literary agents who give their take on the publishing industry, ways to get your work seen, and more.

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