5 Things Every Writer Should Know About E-Publishing Today & How to Find Success In Publishing

The May/June 2012 issue focuses on e-book publishing and the ways in which traditional publishing is changing. Plus, we reveal this year's 101 Best Websites for Writers!
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The May/June 2012 issue of Writer's Digestaddresses one of the biggest questions on writers' minds today: How can I find success in publishing? In this issue, you'll discover how traditional publishing is changing and its impact on agents and publishers. You'll gain insight into the basics of self-publishing, explore the best ways to publish an e-book, and learn some of today's smartest self-publishing strategies for writers. Take advantage of the publishing information from this issue and achieve success in publishing!

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A Comprehensive Guide To E-Book Publishing

Ever wondered how to publish an e-book? Jane Freidman, former publisher of Writer's Digest and assistant professor of e-media at the University of Cincinnati, walks you through the e-book publishing process from start to finish in the article titled "The Basics of DIY E-Book Publishing." From this article, you'll learn:

  • How e-publishing retailers/distributors work. Get essential information on four leading e-publishing services--Barnes & Noble PubIt!, Google eBooks, iTunes Connect, and Kindle Direct Publishing. Learn what fees they charge, the type of formats they accept, and what type of devices (Kindle, Nook, etc.) they distribute to.
  • The two key categories of e-publishing services. In essence, are you going to choose single-channel or muliple-channel distribution? Single-channel distribution means your e-book will only be available through a single device or channel. Examples of single-channel distributors is Kindle Direct Publishing and PubIt! by Barnes and Noble. Multiple-channel distribution allows you to distribute your work on multiple devices. A few examples of multiple-channel distributors are BookBaby, Publish Green, and Smashwords.
  • The most commonly used formats for e-books and how to convert and format your files. Discover helpful tools for converting and formatting your e-book and what types of formats to use.
  • About designing an e-book cover. Designing a cover that is readable and easily understood is crucial. If you aren't up for the challenge, hire a professional to create one for you.
  • The key components to maximizing your sales. After putting forth the effort to not only write but also publish a quality book, you'll want to receive some profits. Discover how much you should charge for your e-book, where to sell your e-book, and how to market it effectively.

Achieve Self-Publishing Success With Four Savvy Strategies

The publishing industry is constantly changing. Therefore, the options for self-publishing are too. Joel Friedlander, an award-winning book designer and author, discusses today's best strategies for savvy publishers.

  • #1: Find the best option for you. Friedlander suggests evaluating all of the options available for self-publishing first. Then decide which one best fits your publication goals. This entails choosing which basic printing method--print on demand or offset printing--works best for you and considering how you're going to create your book. Will you hire a professional or do it yourself?
  • #2: Put together a publishing team. Find the professional help you need to attain success. Depending on your goals, this could mean hiring a developmental editor, copy editor or proofreader. Do what makes sense for you.
  • #3: Seek support from the self-publishing community. The power of the Internet can be a great thing because it connects us together in ways we might not have thought possible. When in doubt or facing a dilemma, chances are someone else within the writing community has faced the same type of problem before. Therefore, use online forums to get answers and advice. You never know what you might learn.
  • #4: Be your own best marketer. Part of being an author in today's industry means being responsible for your own marketing and promotion. Arm yourself with successful marketing strategies and boost your book's sales.

No matter what you decide, you'll get access to self-publishing resources that can help you along the way.

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Besides the feature articles on publishing, read an exclusive interview with author Lisa See and inspire your creativity with new creative writing exercises. You'll also discover the five steps to creating a powerful theme in fiction and meet the winners of the Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards. Plus, we reveal this year's 101 Best Websites for Writers!

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