Online Exclusive: Changes at American Baby

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The Standout Markets column for the November/December 2015 issue of Writer’s Digest features Meredith Corporation’s American Baby as a potential market for your freelance writing. While this market remains a viable option for freelancers, it will be changing. Meredith—the parent company of several national publications, including Parents, EatingWell, Better Homes & Gardens and Family Circle—recently announced that they will be combining American Baby with one of their online brands, Fit Pregnancy, into a new print magazine: Fit Pregnancy and Baby.

Beginning with the February 2016 issue, this new magazine will continue to reach a circulation base of 2 million, publishing 11 issues per year. While Meredith will keep the American Baby brand alive online and publish products periodically, Fit Pregnancy’s current website ( will serve as the digital home for Fit Pregnancy and Baby.

Carey Witmer, Executive Vice President/President of the Meredith Parents Network, says this new magazine “reflects the modern expectant and new mom’s approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through pregnancy and beyond.”

You can read more about this transition to Fit Pregnancy and Baby in Meredith Corporation’s press release.

Currently there are no submissions guidelines available for the magazine. We will update this page with any information, as we receive it. Any editorial inquiries for Fit Pregnancy should be directed to:

Editorial Team
Fit Pregnancy
805 Third Avenue, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10022

You can find Fit Pregnancy’s submission guidelines available on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

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