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Chuck says: Here's the deal. Writer Katharina Gerlach is a writer from Germany who writes fantasy and historical novels for all ages, both in English and German. She previously wrote for me on the blog. She is giving away a free scholarship to a boot camp online worth some dough. Check it out! (Update: Janel won.)

Katharine Gerlach


"I am Katharina Gerlach, a writer from Germany. Since I grew up bilingual, I have used many Creative Writing resources from the U.S. and benefited from them. But the most useful course I took was Holly Lisle's "How to Think Sideways - Career Survival School for Writers" (aka HTTS).

"Sure, no one can teach talent, but Holly instructs her students in the craft like no one else. In her course, she addresses everything from the right mindset for writing, to building believable characters, creating a plot without over-or under-planning and the basics of revision and querying. Also, the added forum grew a wonderful community of writers always ready to help.

"A graduate just signed a three-book deal with a British publisher, and others have won contests or published short stories. Some are slowly building a successful platform of faithful readers by selling quality e-books.

"So, why do I offer a full scholarship for her course (value $300)? The answer is simple. I've met so many helpful writers on this blog and on others that I want to give something back to the writing community. If you want to participate, leave a comment on this blog post (and include an e-mail address). I will choose a random winner in one week's time with the details on how to claim the price."

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"If you are interested in my progress or my work, I'd be delighted if you followed my blog or read my free, illustrated fantasy novel, The Witches of Greenwitch and spread the love."

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