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It's definitely one the favorite parts of my job: speaking at events and meeting writers and other professionals in the business.

This weekend, Writer's Digest debuts its first stand-alone event in New York City at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square. (And there's still time to register on-site at the event, for just a day or for the whole thing.)

For those who aren't registered, you can still get a piece of the action!

  • Read up-to-the-minute reports from our conference floor, by the Writer's Digest staff, at our conference blog.
  • Follow the event on Twitter: #wdc09. Here's a direct RSS feed/page if you're feeling a little confused by those instructions.
  • Join us at our first-ever Poetry Slam, at the NYC Bowery Club, Friday night, 8p. Mention Writer's Digest at the door, and you can still get in even if you're not registered for the conference.
  • Or join us Saturday night! Speakers and staff from the conference are having a NYC Tweetup. At 6p, everyone will meet at the Atrium Cafe (8th floor of Marriott Marquis). At 7:30p, the group moves to Joe Franklin's Comedy Club (713 Eighth Ave at 45th St). $10 cover charge. Here's a link to the Facebook invitation.

For those who are registered, I look forward to meeting you in NYC!


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