2010 Television/Movie Script Winners

Announcing the Television/Movie Script winners of the 78th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition.
Publish date:

Writer's Digest would like to congratulate the 100 Television/Movie Script winners of the 79th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition!

First Place Winner:

Brian Smith
New York, NY

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The Top 100

Timothy McGivney
Signal Hill CA Barry Brennesiel
Washington DC Benny Diaz III
Avondale AZ Stephanie Dube
Corpus Christi TX James C. Burau
White Bear Lake MN Carlo DeCarlo
Rutherford NJ Amy Gangl & Brooke Miller Hall
Middleton WI James K. Barnard
Phoenix AZ Laura Thommen-Vidale
Coppet Switzerland Sherry Lipp
Marysville WA J. Larry Carroll
Santa Monica CA Caroline Kim
Bronx NY Moss Hall
Carmel CA Brian Trent
Prospect CT Peter D. Kennedy
Denman Place, Vancouver, BC Canada Ferris E. Jones
Fernlex NV Rick DeMille
Little Elm TX Lynda Siry
Conshohocken PA Amy McNutt
Leesburg VA Mark Murphy
Hingham MA Mark C. Robertds
Plano TX Claudia Arndt
San Jose CA Dennis M. Fragale
Burbank CA Kurt & Maria Johnson
Grayslake IL Raul Melendez
Camarillo CA Ona Lepard
E. Helena MT Joshua Buck
Troy MI Tyler Voss
Fallon NV Robert Brooker & Kathleen O'Dougherty
North Bergen NJ Ona Lepard
E. Helena MT James A. Marzo
Williamsville NY Susan Trexel
Dodge ND Sean Fallon
Montgomery NY Carlo DeCarlo
Rutherford NJ Jodi Langston
Bloomington MN Gerri George
Wynnewood PA Kathryn Graf
Ridgefield CT Nicholas Hartmann
Mason OH Ona Lepard
E. Helena MT Clarence Oliver
Worcester MA Joanne Guidoccio
Guelph, Ontario Canada Louis Spirito
Malibu CA Marc J. Olson & Daryl M. Davidson
Orange CA Melissa Sweatt
Salisbury NH Saul Greenblatt
Greenfield MA Joanne Hanson
Edmonton Canada Elaine Chekich
North Hollywood CA Randy Prohovic
Charles Town WV Peter Bacho
University Place WA Dana Booker
Cleveland OH

E. Mitchell
Palatine IL Roy Robbins
Cartersville VA Carol-Therese Garman
Forest Park Marcia Rudin
New York NY Nick Berman
Danvers MA A. W. Parker
Laurel MD Mark Stevens
Chicago IL Jodi Langston
Bloomington MN Marti Wheat
Jersey City NJ Tom Lavagnino
Los Angeles CA Oliver Ciborowski
Kirkland WA Ray Chatelin
Kamloops, BC Canada Jeff Moris
Cottonwood AZ Ray Chatelin
Kamloops, BC Canada Kathryn Kramer Waters
portland OR Hal Ackerman
Los Angeles CA Jodi Langston
Bloomington MN Russell Hawkins
Boerne TX Rebecca Ann Owen
Glendale AZ Gayathri A.G
Chennai India Jon Ziomek
Evanston IL Heather-Louise Ferris
Greenwood IL Gary K. Everist
Port Orchard WA Tom Moore
Bellingham WA Dennis A. Duff
Sevierville TN Jeff Trently & Anthony Stitt
Levittown PA Kim Alan Pederson
Marblehead MA Dustin M. Thomas and Alejandro Lalinde
Greensboro NC Gina Leone
Farmingville NY David R. Wheeler
Boston MA Gary Kraidman
Somerset NJ John C. Schoeni
Charlotte NC Lawrence J. Budenz
Centerville OH Jennifer N. Martin
Roseville CA Robert Conyers
Temple Hills MD Elaine Fiedler
Oak Park IL Jim Yoho
Wausau WI Anwa Trammell
San Bernardino CA Eugene Varney
Sacramento CA Sean Fallon
Montgomery NY Marty Kraft (Donna Glowacki, Diane Glowacki)
Orion Township MI Thomas J. Noss
Fredericksburg VA J. Steven Carr
Mooresville NC Kyle Michel Sullivan
Kenmore NY Gerry Griffiths
San Jose CA Gary K. Everist
Port Orchard WA Nicholas Hartmann
Mason OH Neil Wycoff
Broadview IL J. Steven Carr
Mooresville NC

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