2011 Genre Writing Winners - Writer's Digest

2011 Genre Writing Winners

Writer's Digest would like to congratulate the 100 Genre Writing winners of the 80th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition!
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Writer's Digest would like to congratulate the 100 Genre Writing winners of the 80th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition!

First Place Winner:

Helena Fisher-Welsh
Portland OR

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The Top 100

Helena Fisher-Welsh
Portland OR Joseph P. McGee
Sicklerville NJ Elspeth Sage
Vancouver BC Craig Faris
Rock Hill SC Mark Walsh
Charleston SC mikel weisser
So-Hi AZ Robin Davies
Santa Monica CA William J. Wetterman
Broken Arrow OK Liz Wilson
Hobart IN Erin Cole
Portland OR Catherine Zhu
Basking Ridge NJ Myrta Vida
St. Peters MO Michael J. Cooper
Lafayette CA DF Salvador
San Antonio TX Janine Franklin
Denver CO Sarah Khan
Union Beach NJ Mackenzie Jo Holland
Sherman Oaks CA olga kiourkenidis
Athens Other suzanne Powell
Fort Resolution NT Ron Hevey
Philadelphia PA Cheri L. Roman
St. Johns FL Melody N. Akbari
Los Angeles CA Karen E. Osborne
Bedford Corners NY Elspeth Sage
Vancouver BC Cory Webb
Fruit Heights UT cj petterson
Mobile AL Holly Phoenix
Jacksonville FL Edward L. Cheever II
Cleburne TX Katharine A. Russell
Palm Desert CA Kathleen A. Magner
Kirkland WA Sandford L Parker
Gainesville FL Troy Farah
Phoenix AZ Lamin Jobe
West New York NJ Aila Omar
Edmonton AB Suzanne Bregi
Falcon Heights MN Grace Godlin
Venice CA Dumi Leah Tembo
Blantyre Other Ellen Sorce
Brockport NY Ann Hibbert
Lakewood WA Nanci Turner Steveson
Mantoloking NJ Hayleigh Phillips
Buchanan VA Brenda Gayle
Kars ON Thomas Wisk
New Britain CT Marcus V. Calvert
Akron OH Kirsten Joan
Tempe AZ Edward L. Cheever II
Cleburne TX Kate Hazlehurst
Northumberland Other Caroline F. Mason
Hixson TN T. Jin
Exeter NH Leslie Munnelly
Nantucket MA

Morgan Darden
Los Angeles CA James M. Thompson
Carmel IN John D. Clarke
Ludlow MA Roberta M. Gubbins
Mason MI J. Everett Prewitt
Cleveland OH C.J. Angel
Fort Worth TX K.G. Arndell
San Diego CA John C. Conway
Redondo Beach CA Mariana Aionesei
Brasov Other Reed J. Dunn, Jr.
Pittston PA Matthew Wanniski
Marina del Rey CA John C. Conway
Redondo Beach CA Judy Blaeske
Raleigh NC Christopher Kay
Hong Kong Other Jim H. Ainsworth
Campbell TX Kim Snyder
Westerville OH Karen L. Halvorson
Tallahassee FL Francis Timothy Kail
New London CT Chuck Coulter
Fairfax VA Joan F. Prebilich
Santa Cruz CA Susan Anderson
Prospect Heights IL Zvez Petkov
Chicago IL Richard Hazel
ATHENS Other Matt Yocum
Irvine CA Jeremy West Mares
Nashville TN Brian Ajieren
Houston TX Eric Staggs
Madison WI Frank G Schafer
Haddonfield NJ 08033 NJ Dan Miner
Utica NY Patrick Tumblety
Rockville MD Rachel P. Christiansen
Las Cruces NM J.M. Rydzon
Clarkston MI Katharina Gerlach
Bockenem Other Trudy Myers
Omaha NE Angelina
Pottstown PA Betsy Bitner
Clifton Park NY Dawn Goodwin
Carrollton GA Elspeth Sage
Vancouver BC Gordon Gregory
Paradise CA Mat Clarke
Ferntree Gully Other Stephen Eidson
Roach MO John J. White
Merritt Island FL Hamilton Waymire
Irvine CA Jason Hunt
Hopedale MA Arthur W. Pluim
Depoe Bay OR Cherie Lee
Glendale AZ William Bakke
Augusta GA Lori Gilbert
Thunder Bay ON

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