The More-Complete-Than-You-Need Checklist for Book Signings - Writer's Digest

The More-Complete-Than-You-Need Checklist for Book Signings

Use this checklist before you head out the door to your book signing.
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  • Name of bookstore, address, telephone number, map and directions, contact''s name
  • Binder with notes regarding arrangements with this store and notes from previous signings at this store
  • Extra copies of your book(s)
  • Notes and hand-outs for presentation
  • Tablecloth and small boxes to place under the tablecloth, making platforms to display your book
  • Pens and writing tablets
  • Scratch pad for spelling customers'' names before signing
  • Bookstands, name plate, name tag, signage
  • Poster with your photo and book cover and signs for cash register and/or help desk
  • Watch, breath mints, hand lotion, tissues, seat cushion, camera and film, candy and candy dish
  • Bookmarks or other giveaways
  • Excerpts or samples of your work for giveaway
  • Regional or local author stickers and autographed-by-author stickers
  • Business cards for you and your publisher
  • Order forms and praise sheet (endorsements) for your book, permission-to-quote form (for additional endorsements)
  • Flyers or brochures for upcoming appearances at workshops or conferences
  • Brochures or flyers for other books from your publisher

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Paul Raymond Martin is the author of The Writer''s Little Instruction Book: 385 Secrets for Writing Well & Getting Published (Writer''s World Press 1998). Known as "a writer''s writer," he has published dozens of articles on writing and more than 200 stories, poems and nonfiction pieces. Among the awards he has won for his writing, Martin most treasures the Froggy statuette he was awarded by Scavenger''s Newsletter for his parody of a horror story, "Killer Frog at the ATM."


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