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Hey, guys--

Just wanted to point out a great new blog/website...

For anyone wanting to learn more and break into reality TV, check out, a new blog from my good friend and super-talented reality producer Biagio Messina, which offers "tips, tricks, tales and tutorials on producing TV and film."

Biagio and his wife, Joke Fincioen, are the founders and Executive Producers of Joke Productions and have producedBeauty & the Geek (CW), Scream Queens (VH1), Foody Call (Style), Caesars 24/7 (A&E), as well as pilots and development projects for NBC, CBS, Logo, Bravo, and just about every other network you can think of.

...And now Biagio has launched a blog to help newbies and aspirants learn more about producing reality, telling nonfiction stories, and breaking into the business.

Joke and Biagio are incredibly talented writers, producers, and filmmakers (who I've worked with multiple times)... and Biagio is a technicial genius who can work magic with Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and all the other post-production software which I know nothing about. He has worked with and taught techniques to some of Hollywood's best post producers, including guys at Industrial Light & Magic, so if you have questions-- even super-technical questions-- about post software, don't be afraid to ask him on the blog... I promise: you'll get an amazing, dead-on answer.

A couple highlights from the blog...

Becoming a Producer with HOP (Hands-On Producing)

How You Get Your First Job in Hollywood

Anyway, there's some great info up there... and I know there's more to come... but you should also ask tons of questions... this blog is an incredible resource!