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Writer's Digest May/June 2022 Cover Reveal

Writer's Digest is excited to announce our May/June 2022 issue featuring our annual 101 Best Websites for Writers and an interview with Kate Quinn, author of The Alice Network and The Diamond Eye.

Writers are always looking for the next great thing to help them make their writing time more efficient, productive, and fun, and new advances in technology appear each year to help make that happen. It also helps spark the imagination of what kind of technology writers include in their writing. In the May/June 2022 issue of Writer’s Digest, featuring our 24th Annual 101 Best Websites for Writers, we focus on what technology can do for writers.

Writer's Digest May/June 2022 Cover

Features include:

+ 24th Annual 101 Best Websites for Writers: An annual staple and reader favorite, WD has sifted through hundreds of reader nominations, plus chosen our own go-to websites, to find the 101 that are most useful, reliable, and affordable for writers of all stripes. By Amy Jones, Moriah Richard, and Michael Woodson

+ You Need a Science System: How much science do you need to develop and include in your science fiction? Jeff Somers offers tips for how detailed you need to be in this part of the story’s world-building based on your novel’s goals. By Jeff Somers

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+ How to Pitch on Social Media: With the increasing popularity of online pitching events like #PitMad and #DVpit on Twitter, perfecting the shortest, most compelling pitch of your manuscript is critical. This article includes agent and author tips for composing pitches and where to find reputable online pitching events. By Jera Brown

+ Back to Basics: Sometimes too much technology can distract from the writing you’re trying to do. Ran Walker shares 10 reasons why going “old school” with notebooks is the best technology for writers. By Ran Walker

+ Two Writer’s Digest Competition Winner Announcements: Personal Essay Awards and Self-Published E-book Awards: This issue proudly features profiles of Alyssa Rickert, winner of the 2nd WD Personal Essay Awards, and Steve Physioc, author of Walks With the Wind, which won the 9th Annual WD Self-Published E-Book Awards. By Moriah Richard and Michael Woodson.

+ WD Interview: Kate Quinn: NYT bestselling author of historical fiction including the Reese’s Book Club pick The Alice Network, The Huntress, and The Rose Code sat down with WD to talk about her 2022 release, The Diamond Eye, about Russia’s most deadly WWII sniper (who was also a mother and grad student). By Amy Jones

Also included:

+ Writers on Writing: Peng Shepherd: Phantom settlements on hand-drawn maps used to be standard to prevent copyright infringement. But what happens if the phantom settlement appears? Peng Shepherd talks about the real-life inspiration for her newest novel, The Cartographers. By Peng Shepherd

+ Find Your Niche: There are publications devoted to nearly every imaginable topic. With creativity and intention, you don’t need to be an expert to find success writing for specialty magazines. By Don Vaughan

Plus, all of your favorite columns: IndieLab, Meet the Agent, Funny You Should Ask, Publishing Insights, All About the Pitch, Level Up Your Writing (Life), Building Better World, Conference Scene, and the second installment of our new column about writing children’s, middle-grade, and young adult books. 

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