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Writer's Digest July/August 2022 Cover Reveal

Revealing the cover of our July/August issue, featuring interviews with Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Sloane Crosley, plus advice for when you hit writing crossroads.

Writers will inevitably hit a crossroads where they have to decide how to move forward, either in the drafting of a work-in-progress or in making choices about their career. Or, perhaps their work is at the intersection of two or more genres. This issue aims to help writers work through the tough parts of writing.

Writer's Digest July/August 2022 Cover

Features Include:

The WD Interview: Silvia Moreno-Garcia: WD sits down to talk with the New York Times bestselling author of Mexican Gothic to discuss her genre-bending new novel (set to be published July 19, 2022) The Daughter of Doctor Moreau. By Amy Jones

+ The Tyranny of the Verb To Be: Tobias Buckell, New York Times bestselling and World Fantasy Award-winning author, explores the passive voice, how it came to be scorned, and why now is the time to start thinking about it from a new perspective. By Tobias Buckell

+ 7 Tips to Rev a Stalling Story: When your story is stuck and an outline isn’t helping, try one of these tricks to push your characters to their limit and give your draft a clear direction. By Peter Mountford

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+ Writing Career Crossroads: Writers will face numerous career-altering decisions during their writing lives. Here’s one author’s advice for navigating 10 of the toughest choices. By Elizabeth Sims

+ So You Want to Quit Your Day Job: Writing frequently starts as a second job or hobby for many authors, but with planning and preparation, you can create a game plan to write full-time. By Whitney Hill

+ Creative FLOW Framework for Writers: Writers have many of resources to help them master the craft and navigate the publishing industry. At the same time, we sometimes overlook those non-writing skills that also have a big impact on our creative work. This is where the Creative FLOW framework comes in (and yes, FLOW is an acronym). The Creative FLOW framework gives writers a system to help them navigate challenging creative moments. By Gabriela Pereira

+ 16th Annual WD Poetry Awards Winning Announcement and Interview. We announce the winning poem and interview the author. By Robert Lee Brewer

Also included:

+ Bonus Interview: Sloane Crosley: Known for her humorous essays, the author discusses her new novel, Cult Classic (June 2022). By Carten Cordell

+ Writers on Writing: Kirthana Ramisetti, author of Dava Shastri’s Last Day, talks about writing the many crossroads her characters face when their matriarch, Dava Shastri, releases her obituary before she dies. By Kirthana Ramisetti

+ New! Expanded IndieLab section: As more writers turn to self-publishing, WD is increasing coverage of this path to publication from two pages to four with a new worksheet page and an Indie Author Spotlight. This month’s featured indie spotlight is award-winning author Nikesha Elise Williams.

Plus, all of your favorite columns: Meet the Agent, Funny You Should Ask, Publishing Insights, All About the Pitch, Level Up Your Writing (Life), Building Better Worlds, Conference Scene, and the third installment of our new column about writing children’s, middle-grade, and young adult books. 

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