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Take the Writer’s Digest community survey to help us better understand the role writing and reading plays in your life. Your feedback will help us to better meet the needs of writers like you.
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Writer's Digest and Script Mag readers come in all shapes and sizes. Some have never written before, but have a novel or short story on the tips of their pens and want to know how to bring it to life. Some have completed a manuscript, have an article idea, or have collected a book of poems, but aren't sure how to pitch or self-publish it. Still others are veteran freelancer writers, poets, screenwriters, memoirists and fiction writers who want to learn how to improve their craft, make more money from their writing, or build up their audience. And of course, some simply write to express themselves creatively.

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We want to what you're looking for, and how we can help you take your writing skills and career to the next level—through publication tips, through platform-building, through help with craft and technique.

No matter your genre, form or level of experience, Writer's Digest has what you need, and we're looking for better ways to provide you with the best in practical and inspirational advice, services, experiences and more.

Take the Writer’s Digest community survey to help us better understand the role writing and reading plays in your life. Your feedback will help us to better meet the needs of writers like you.

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