WD Editor-at-Large Jessica Strawser Named 2019 Writer-in-Residence by the Cincinnati Library Foundation

Jessica Strawser, former WD Editor-in-Chief and current editor-at-large (and of course, author of three novels) has been selected by the Library Foundation of Cincinnati and Hamilton County to be its 2019 Writer-in-Residence.
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If you're a long-time Writer's Digest reader, you're well familiar with Jessica Strawser, our former Editor-in-Chief and current editor-at-large—and of course, author of three novels (the latest of which is due out in February of this year).

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Naturally, the team was delighted to learn that Jessica has been selected by the Library Foundation of Cincinnati and Hamilton County to be its 2019 Writer-in-Residence. This prestigious role allows her to serve as the library's literary ambassador to the community, fostering engagement with local writers and readers by providing online and in-person instruction on the craft of writing.

“We had many strong applications for the fifth Writer-in-Residence. Jessica’s experience and commitment to the literary community is outstanding,” Library Foundation Executive Director Staci Dennison said in a press release from the foundation. “We look forward to working with her this year to promote literacy in Cincinnati.”

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the program, which will be celebrated with a public panel discussion with Jessica and her Writer-in-Residence predecessors Kathy Y. Wilson, Jeffrey Hillard, Kurt Dinan and Emma Carlson Berne on Jan. 30 at the Main Library. (Locals can register here.)

"Thanks almost entirely to my long and varied career at Writer's Digest, outreach to fellow writers has been a core part of who I am as a writer from the start," Strawser told me via email. "We're fortunate in Cincinnati to have a local library foundation that is second to none with its community outreach, and I'm honored and thrilled to have this opportunity to connect more directly now with aspiring writers and avid readers in my own backyard, through this amazingly generous program."

Congratulations to Jessica! We're all looking forward to seeing the impact she'll make in this exciting role.

To absorb Jessica's expertise from anywhere, you can tune into "Inside the Writer’s Head," a podcast and blog that the Writer-in-Residence hosts throughout the year as part of the program.

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