Remembering Lois Duncan (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Our hearts go out to the family of bestselling author Lois Duncan, who died at the age of 82. Here's one of our favorite quotes of hers from inside the pages of Writer's Digest.
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“People do not spring forth out of the blue, fully formed—they become themselves slowly, day by day, starting from babyhood. They are the result of both environment and heredity, and your fictional characters, in order to be believable, must be also.”
—Lois Duncan
(From Writer's Digest's The 90 Top Secrets of Bestselling Authors)

Our hearts go out to the family of bestselling author Lois Duncan, who died at the age of 82. Best known for her young adult suspense novels (including the book-turned-hit-movie I Know What You Did Last Summer), Duncan penned many children's books and adult novels as well. She also wrote, Who Killed My Daughter?, the true story of the brutal murder of Duncan's youngest daughter, and a mother's pursuit of the truth.

Duncan contributed to Writer's Digest several times. Here is a family shot she shared with us in the magazine to accompany her article, "The Ones That Didn't Sell":


Here's another piece of hers from the June 1970 issue of Writer's Digest, "Writing the Teenage Adventure Novel":


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