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From now through Sunday we’re hosting a HUGE Friends & Family of Writer’s Digest Summer sale in our shop, allowing you to save 40% on all the writing resources you’ll need to have a productive summer! Really, I haven't seen a sale like this in a long, long time (and probably won't again for awhile) so I recommend taking advantage of it now.


Here's how to get the discount: Go to, add all the items that you want to your cart and, when you get ready to check out, make sure you enter the promo code: FFSUMMER40

That's an additional 40% off. So if something is already discounted you'll get that discount and a 40% on top of that. (NOTE: There are a few items that don't qualify for the discount, so keep an eye out when you enter the code.)

Here are some suggestions of my favorite resources that can help you enjoy your summer and forward your writing career along with my take on each one:

Write Every Day!

A Year of Writing Prompts
"The trick to becoming a great writer is to force yourself to write every day, and this amazing guide of writing prompts will help you do just that. With 365 unique prompts designed to inspire and motivate you to write short creative stories, this downloadable book will elevate your game and, quite honestly, is a lot of fun. (And I should know--I helped write it!)"


Order it here for 40% Off.

Write a Book in 3 Months!

90 Days to Your Novel
"Wouldn't you love to have a first draft of your novel completed in just three months without cutting too much into your already busy schedule? Here's really great day-by-day plan for writing your book in just 90 days. Think of it as motivational tough love for any writer who's serious about finishing his or her book--which is what we all need from time to time when we're out to accomplish our goals."

writing a novel | novel writing

Order it here for 40% Off.

Advice from a Successful Agent!

The Breakout Novelist
"This is the most thorough, practical writing reference I've worked with. It's packed with agent Donald Maass's craft and business know-how from his decades as an agent. Plus it has over 70 craft-building exercises."

premise meaning in novel writing

Order it here for 40% Off.

Understand the Inner Workings of a Novel!

Story Engineering
"What makes a story great? This book gives you the answers by examining story architecture and the elements that all stories should incorporate to be successful."


Order it here for 40% Off.

Take Advantage Now!

Remember, here’s an important step in the process: When you get ready to check out, make sure you enter this promo code: FFSUMMER40

Your savings will not appear until after you enter and apply the code–but the code will expire June 7, 2015 at midnight so use it right away (and use it as many times as you want until that deadline).

If you were to bundle these books into one package, it would retail for $46.92, but you can get all four with the discount code for $28.15! The more you buy, the more you save.

Two important points to remember:

  • This deal only lasts June 3-7, 2015. It’s a limited time, so jump on it now!
  • Remember to use the promo code: FFSUMMER40

Happy summer!

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