2014 Writer's Digest Poetry Awards - Winner's List

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Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate the winners of the 2014 Poetry Awards, where writers submit their very best poetry of less than 32 lines. Please join us in congratulating our winners!

Note:You may read the top 10 poems here.

  1. What Goes Around, by Beverley Rose Enright
  2. My Love, You Sing Like a Sea Lion, by Jayson Clury Lynn
  3. I have fallen asleep again reading Homer, by Jeffrey Owen Pearson
  4. The Beating Heart, Minus Gravity, by Marla Alupoaicei
  5. Sleep Deprived En Route to Sioux City: or, Sweet Dreams Tony Wright, by Timothy Schmidt
  6. Ides, by Richard King Perkins II
  7. At Last Goodbye, by Angela De Groot
  8. Indifference, by Jo Spiller
  9. Weight of the World, by Laurie Holding
  10. Bar Stool Agony, by Bobbye DePaul
  11. The Mind's Ear, by L.K. Burton
  12. Friction, by Burky Achilles
  13. At Gettysburg, 19 November 1863, by William Preston
  14. I'm From, by Kemba Parker
  15. The Ram Slaughter, by Marcus Graves
  16. Night Picnic, Wallace, MI, by Jill Melchoir
  17. Memories of Vietnam, by Elaine Reardon
  18. Crow Hill, by Ann LaBar
  19. Discharged, by Elisabeth Bell
  20. Touch, by Tara Fietz
  21. Hidden Words, by Joan Nutile
  22. Neighbor, by Bonnie J. Pavlis
  23. Thanksgiving at the Nursing Home, by Carol M. Despeaux
  24. Nobody Lives Forever, by Daniel Roessler
  25. Water Thoughts, by Kathleen Spivack