21st Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards Winners

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Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate the winners of the 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards!

Zero Chance of Passage: The Pioneering Charter School Story
by Ember Reichgott Junge ($20). Beaver’s Pond Press and Charter Schools Development Corporation. Email: ember@visi.com. Web: zerochanceofpassage.com.

First Place:
Gertrude’s Green Hat
by Alex J. Stokas and Christina Siravo (Illustrator) ($9.95). Wordlighter Press. Email: wordlighter@hotmail.com. Web: alexjstokas.com.

Honorable Mentions:
The Potato Chip Champ: Discovering Why Kindness Coutns
by Maria Dismondy and Dawn Beacon (Illustrator) ($10.95). Maria Dismondy, Inc. Email: info@mariadismondy.com. Web: mariadismondy.com.

The Adventures of Red Feather: Wild Horse of Corolla
by Linda Whittington Hurst and Erin E.I. Casteel (Illustrator) ($15.95). Wild Pony Press. Email: linda@lindawhurst.com. Web: lindawhittingtonhurst.net.

Rainbow the Funky Chicken
by Marna Irby and Fran Sanderlin (Illustrator) ($14.95). Mascot Books.

First Place:
Sapphire Trails
by Marilyn Jax ($26). Beaver’s Pond Press. Email: info@marilynjax.com. Web: marilynjax.com.

Honorable Mentions:
Lily of the Springs
by Carole Bellacera ($16.99). CreateSpace. Web: carolebellacera.com.

Rest Her Soul, a James Buckner novel
by Christopher C. Gibbs ($16.95). iUniverse.

Dreamer’s Island
by Gretchen Hummel ($21.95). iUniverse. Web: gretchenhummel.com.

Murder in One Take
by April Kelly and Marsha Lyons ($12.95). Flight Risk Books. Email: flightriskbooks@gmail.com. Web: flightriskbooks.com.

by Dave McIntyre ($15.95). Narrative. Email: narrativeLLC@aol.com. Web: centerlinethebook.com.

Great News Town
by Sue Merrell ($17.95). Lulu. Web: suemerrellbooks.com.

Kiss Me Awake
by Julie Momyer ($13.99). Goody 2 Shoes Publications. Email: momyer@live.com. Web: juliemomyer.com.

Baby Grand
by Dina Santorelli ($13.95). Stonesong. Email: dina@dinasantorelli.com. Web: dinasantorelli.com.

First Place:
Wildflowers in the Median: A Restorative Journey into Healing, Justice, and Joy
by Agnes Furey and Leonard Scovens ($12.95). iUniverse. Email: agnesfurey@gmail.com. Web: wildflowersinthemedian.com.

Honorable Mentions:
Eaten by the Tiger: Surrendering to an Empowered Life
by Emile Allen, M.D. ($21.99). Inspire on Purpose. Web: eatenbythetiger.com.

Lily: A Gray Whale’s Odyssey
by “Capt. Dave” Anderson ($45). Lucid Dreamer Productions. Email: captdave@cox.net. Web: talesfromthepod.com.

Pope Annalisa
by Peter Canova ($26.95). Trimountaine Publishing. Web: popeannalisa.com.

Lessons From a Pair of Old Gloves 
by Scott Franko ($20). Scott Franko Design and Publishing. Email: scott@frankodesign.com. Web: frankodesign.com.

First Place:
Border Crossings: Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance
by Charles Novacek ($18). 1021 Press. Email: sn@charlesnovacekbooks.com. Web: charlesnovacekbooks.com.

Honorable Mentions:
Forever Exposed: The Nikki Catsouras Story
by Lesli Catsouras ($14.95). Dog Ear Publishing. Email: info@foreverexposed.com. Web: foreverexposed.com.

North of Hollywood
by Rick Lenz ($23.95). Chromodroid Press. Email: ricknlinda@roadrunner.com. Web: ricklenzauthor.com

Love at the Speed of Email
by Lisa McKay ($12.95). Karinya Publishing. Email: lisamckaywriting@gmail.com. Web: lisamckaywriting.com.

My Extraordinary Life
by Monica Sucha Vickers ($19.99). Xlibris. Web: monicasuchavickers.com.

First Place:
You Are Here
by Chris Delyani ($19.95). iUniverse. Email: cdelyani@gmail.com. Web: chrisdelyani.com.

Honorable Mentions:
The Debt of Tamar
by Nicole Dweck ($14.99). Devon House Press. Web: nicoledweck.com.

The Last English Village
by James Ignizio ($11.99). CreateSpace. Web: lastenglishvillage.com.

Warming Up
by Mary Hutchings Reed ($16.95). She Writes Press. Web: maryhutchingsreed.com.

Tragedy and Triumph
by Kathrin Rudland ($16.95). iUniverse.

The Hobbyist
by Darryl Shelly ($13.99). Bexley Press. Email: info@bexleypress.com. Web: darrylshelly.com.

Nikolai Returns
by Michael G. Tanner ($10.99). Telemachus Press. Web: michaeltannerbooks.com.

Imperfect Pairings
by Jackie Townsend ($11.99). Ripetta Press. Email: info@ripettapress.com. Web: jackietownsend.com.

The Prescribed Burn: A Collection of Stories
by Laryssa Wirstiuk ($17.95). Painted Egg Press. Email: laryssa@theprescribedburn.com. Web: theprescribedburn.com.

First Place:
There Are No Buffalo in Buffalo
by Sally Valentine and Suzanne Valentine (Illustrator) ($14.95). Pyramid Publishing. Email: RochesterAuthor@hotmail.com Web: rochesterauthor.com.

Honorable Mentions:
Arrow of the Mist
by Christina Mercer ($10.99). Christina Mercer. Web: christinamercer.com.

Song of the Summer King
by Jess E. Owen ($25). Five Elements Press. Email: jess@fiveelementspress.com. Web: jessowen.com.

Storm of Arranon: Fire and Ice
by R.E. Sheahan ($14.99). Rule of Three Press. Web: stormofarranon.com.

First Place:
Caroline Severance
by Virginia Elwood-Akers ($25.95). iUniverse. Email: virgoea@aol.com. Web: virginiaelwood-akers.com.

Honorable Mentions:
Rio for Partiers
by Cristiano Nogueira ($24.95). Solcat Editora Publishing. Email: cris@rioforpartiers.com. Web: rioforpartiers.com.

Taming Your Temper: A Workbook for Individuals, Couples, and Groups
by Nathaniel David Smith, MA, NCC, LPC-S ($30). Mental Health Classes LLC. Email: nathaniel@nathanielsmithcounselor.com. Web: nathanielsmithcounselor.com.

First Place:
Hopper’s Women
by Kendra Kopelke ($15). Ampersand Press. Email: kkopelke@ubalt.edu.

Honorable Mentions:
The Sail
by Greg Allum. Short Run Press. Email: greg@gregallum.co.uk. Web: gregallum.co.uk.

In This Forest of Monks
by Daniel Skach-Mills ($14.95). Daniel Skach-Mills. Email: skachmills@gmail.com.

First Place:
Afghan Proverbs Illustrated
by Edward Zellem and the Students of Maretat High School Kabul, Afghanistan (Illustrators) ($18.95). CreateSpace. Email: author@afghanproverbs.com. Web: afghansayings.com.

Honorable Mention:
Armenia and Karabakh
by Matthew Karanian (Author-Photographer) and Robert Kurkjian (Photographer) ($24.95). Stone Garden Productions. Web: armeniatravelguide.com.

For more info on this year's grand prize winner, Ember Reichgott Junge, be sure to check out the March/April 2014 issue of Writer's Digest, as well as her extended interview with us. You can also find more info on the upcoming 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards, as well as other Writer's Digest competitions.

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