24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards Winners

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Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate the 46 winners of the 24th Annual Self-Published Book Awards. For full coverage of the awards, check out the March/April 2017 issue of Writer’s Digest. Click here for an extended Q&A with the grand-prize winner, Tabitha Lord.


Grand Prize

Horizon by Tabitha Lord. $15.95. Wise Ink Creative Publishing. tabithalordauthor.com.

Children’s Picture Books

First Place

Vroom-Town: The Adventure of Tim the Tipper in Quentin’s Quarry by Emer Conlon. $18.98. Essential Marketing Ltd. vroom-town.ie.

Honorable Mentions

Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink by Renata Bowers and Michael Chesworth (illustrator). $15. Frieda B. LLC. friedab.com.

The Growing Sweater by Jason J. Marchi and Ben Quesnel (illustrator). $16. Omicron World Entertainment LLC Fahrenheit Books. jasonjmarchi.com.

Genre Fiction

First Place

Impala by Andrew Diamond ($14.99). Stolen Time Press. adiamond.me.

Honorable Mentions

Open Source by Anna L. Davis. $15.95. Anna L. Davis. annaldavis.net.

Dead on the Dock by Beth Everett. $13.95. Beth Fernandez. beth-everett.com.

When Doves Fly by Lauren Gregory. $14.99. Echo Mountain Publishing. authorlaurengregory.com.

Hidden Magic: The Portal Opens by C.C. Rae. $19.95. iUniverse. ccrae.com.

Cold Blooded by Lisa Regan. $15.99. Prodorutti Books. lisaregan.com.

Behind the Mask by Dana Ridenour. $14.99. Wise Ink Creative Publishing. danaridenour.net.

Resort Isle by Paul Sekulich. $15.95. Omnibus Productions. mdnovelist.com.

Wild Justice by Linda Hebert Todd. $14.95. Bald Cypress Publishing. lindaheberttodd.com.

Argent by Baird Wells. $12.99. Two Birds Ink. bairdwells.com.

Lords of Asylum by Kevin Wright. $22.00. G & G Books.


First Place

Them: The Richer Life Found in Caring for Others by John Certalic. $15.95. HenschelHAUS Publishing Inc. missionary-care.org.

Honorable Mentions

Burning: Passionate Prayers for Men on Fire by W. Neil Gallagher, PhD. $16.95. Brown Christian press. neilgallagherbooks.com.

The Would-Be Medium: My Ten-Year Journey as a Workshop Junkie by Rena Huisman. $15.27. Balboa Press. renahuisman.com.

My Forgotten Self: A Story About a Girl, a Powerful Encounter and a Universal Message by Lynyetta G. Willis, PhD, and Michele Phillips (illustrator). $10.95. Inner Pathways Publishing LLC. myforgottenself.com.

Life Stories

First Place

The Letter Project by Sharon Barbara. $19.95. iUniverse.

Honorable Mentions

Naked: Stripped by a Man and Hurricane Katrina by Julie Freed. $14.99. Delta Freed. juliefreedauthor.com.

A Serious and Proper Education: Misadventures at an English Boarding School by Alan Holmes. $16.00. CreateSpace.

Not in a Tuscan Villa by John and Nancy Petralia. $16.96. Chartiers Creek Press LLC. notinatuscanvilla.com.

Death Becomes Us by Pamela Skjolsvik. $12.99. CreateSpace. pamelaskjolsvik.net.

Conversations Loosely Translated: A Story of Koshkonong Prairie Pioneers by Karen S. Swensson. $14.95. CreateSpace.

Mainstream/Literary Fiction

First Place

Promises by Dennis Rowe. $16.99. Tate Publishing LLC. promises-dennisrowe.tateauthor.com.

Honorable Mentions

Codename Cupcake by Jillian Green DiGiacomo. $12.95. CreateSpace. jilliangreendigiacomo.com.

Comfort Zone by Jim Flanagan. $14.95. CreateSpace. comfortzonenovel.com.

Melting the Blues by Tracy Chiles McGhee. $15.99. Gold Fern Press. tracychilesmcghee.us.

Then Like the Blind Man: Orbie’s Story by Freddie Owens. $16.29. CreateSpace. freddieowens.com.

Skipping Across the Rubicon by Martin Seibel. $12.99. Abbott Press.

A Mourning of Remembrance by Stephen Tiedman. $12.99. Niess Impressions.

Ashes on His Boot by Robert Wuench, with Howard Carman. $12.95. Reelfoot Publishing.

The Roses Underneath by C.F. Yetmen. $16.99. Ypsilon & Co. Press. cfyetmen.com.

Middle-Grade/Young Adult Fiction

First Place

Edge the Bare Garden by Roseanne Cheng. $15.00. Wise Ink. teachablelit.com.

Honorable Mentions

The Spanish Club by Danielle Burnette. $14.99. CreateSpace. danielleburnette.com.

Mailbox by Nancy Freund. $20.00. Gobreau Press. nancyfreund.com.

The Warlock & The Wolf by Delfy Hall. $15.95. Vulpes Press. delfyhall.com.


First Place

15 Years of War by Kristine Schellhaas. $16.99. Life Publishing. kristinespeaks.com.

Honorable Mentions

Salmon From Market to Plate by Marueen C. Berry. $12.95. Berry Consulting. maureencberry.com.

Bill Moss: Fabric Artist & Designer by Marilyn Moss. $65.00. Chawezi. marilynmmoss.com.


First Place

Dates and Dreams by E.M. Schorb. $18.95. Hill House New York. emschorb.com.

Honorable Mention

Vanishing Point by Tim Amsden. $12.95. Independent Publisher.


First Place

Paired, Volume 1: Champagne & Sparkling Wines by Fran Flynn and David Stevens-Castro. $38.00. Paired Media. paired-media.com.

Honorable Mention

Weight Training Without Injury by Fredd Stellabotte and Rachel Straub, M.S., CSCS. $59.99. Regalis Publishing. weighttrainingwoi.com.

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