23rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate the 46 winners of the 23rd Annual Self-Published Book Awards. For full coverage of the awards, check out the March/April 2016 issue of Writer’s Digest. Click here for an extended Q&A with the grand-prize winner Louise Esola.

Grand Prize

American Boys: The True Story of the Lost 74 of the Vietnam War by Louise Esola ($19.99). Pennway Books. Web: louiseesola.com

Children’s Picture Books

First Place

The Incredible Chapore by Monsieur Odyssey and Jo de Ruiter (illustrator) ($13.69). KAPOW! Publishing

Honorable Mentions

Genevieve and the Moon by Karlene Kay Ryan and Meredith Johnson (illustrator) ($17.99). Web: karlenekayryan.com

The SuperBrother Squad vs. The Aquatic Carrots of Doom by Jenay Sherman and Karolina Skorupska (illustrator) ($12.95). CreateSpace. superbrothersquad.com

Genre Fiction

First Place

Imogene in New Orleansby Hunter Murphy ($15). Rolltop Publishing. Web: huntermurphywriter.com

Honorable Mentions

A Place Between Breaths by Jennifer Froelich ($12.99). CreateSpace. Web: jenniferfroelich.com

Archie and Emma: A Novel Based on Actual People and Events by Brian Mercer ($20.95). Outskirts Press. Web: outskirtspress.com/archieandemma

Blown by Chuck Barrett ($16.95). Switchback Press. Web: chuckbarrettbooks.com

What Doesn’t Kill Youby Donna Huston Murray ($2.99). Web: donnahustonmurray.com

Gwendolyn’s Sword by E. A. Haltom ($16.95). Web: smittenbythewords.blogspot.com

Guarding Angel by S.L. Saboviec ($19.99). Book Design Templates. Web: saboviec.com

Psycho-Tropics by Dorian Box ($15.99). Friction Press. Web: dorianbox.com

Snow Men by Andrew Ceroni ($34.95). Outskirts Press. Web: outskirtspress.com/snowmen

(Un)Sound Mind by Richard Amico ($9.99). 57th Street Press.


First Place

A Beautiful Death by Cheryl Eckl ($14.95). Flying Crane Press. Web: abeautifuldeath.net

Honorable Mentions

Hallelujah: The Story of the Coming Forth of Handel’s Messiah by J. Scott Featherstone ($28). messiah-guide.com/books/featherstone.html

The Hero in Heroin: A Mother and Son’s Journey on Both Sides of the Veil by Mindy Miralia ($18.99). Balboa Press. Web: mindymiralia.com

Rich Kids: How to Raise Our Children to be Happy and Successful in Life by Tom Corley ($16.95). Two Harbors Press. Web: richhabits.net/rich-habits-books

Trusting the Currents by Lynnda Pollio ($16.95). SageHeart Media. Web: sageheart@lynndapollio.com

Life Stories

First Place

Walking to Woot by Jackie Chase ($39.95). Adventure Travel Press. Web: adventuretravelpress.com

Honorable Mentions

I Didn’t Tell Them Anything: The Wartime Secrets of an American Girlby Aleena Rieger ($19.95). Sunpetal Books.

Managing Bubbie by Russel Lazega ($12.95). CreateSpace. Web: facebook.com/Managing-Bubbie

The Bootleg Buggy: Stories of My Polish Family by Tina Lonski ($12.95). Lonski Publishing. storiesofbarns.com/index.html

The Pedestriennes: America’s Forgotten Superstars by Harry Hall ($20). Dogear Publishing. Web: pedestriennes.com

Mainstream Fiction

First Place

Circle of Three by Liesl D. Wilke ($10.99). Spark Arts & Letters. Web: lieslwilke.com/novels.php

Honorable Mentions

A Dance With Hummingbirds by Helen Deines ($16). Berkeley Square Press. Web: helendeines.com

Always Magnolia by Dianna Dann ($15). Wayward Cat Publishing. Web: waywardcatpublishing.com

As the Poppies Bloomed by Maral Boyadjian ($15.95). Salor Press.

Biddy Debeau Rides for His Life by Dan G. Hilton ($14.99). Free Four Five Publishing. Web: dghilton.net

Blue Sun, Yellow Sky by Jamie Jo Hoang ($12.99). Hey Jamie. Web: heyjamie.com

Every by Eric Scott ($2.99). Eric Scott. Web: iamericscott.com/every

Wings of Grace by Weldon B. Durham ($2.99). Friesen Press. Web: weldonbdurham.com

With Arms Unboundby Malcolm Ivey ($13.99). CreateSpace. Web: malcolmivey.com

Middle Grade/Young Adult

First Place

Jim Morgan and the Door at the Edge of the World by James Matlack Raney ($12.99). Web: jamesmraney.com

Honorable Mentions

Becoming the Balance Bringer by Debra Kristi ($16.99). Ghost Girl Publishing. Web: debrakristi.com

Between the Lines by Claudia Whitsitt ($12). Twisted Vines Press. Web: claudiawhitsitt.com

Ice Massacreby Tiana Warner ($14.95). Rogue Cannon Publishing. Web: tianawarner.com


First Place

Running With the Hounds by David Wingfield and Charles Gillies ($15). David Wingfield and Charles Gillies. Web: runningwiththehounds.org

Honorable Mentions

Faces: Imprisoned Women and Their Struggle With the Criminal Justice System by Betty May ($9.99). CreateSpace. Web: bettymayauthor.com

The Second Mourning: The Untold Story of America’s Most Bizarre Political Murder by Stephen G. Yanoff ($22.95). AuthorHouse. Web: stephengyanoff.com/tag/the-second-mourning


First Place

Fading Into Focus by Joan Kantor ($12). CreateSpace. Web: joankantorpoetry.com

Honorable Mentions

A Certain Age by Cynthia Jobin ($20). Art Bookbindery. Web: littleoldladywho.net

Africa is the Mother Who Lies in the Grass by Donna O’Connell Gilmore and Olaf Kruger (illustrator) ($14). Sandheap Press.


First Place

A Fly Fishing Guide to Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness Area by Steven B. Schweitzer and Michael Kruise with Benjamin Swigle (contributor) ($26.95). Pixachrome Publishing. Web: pixachrome.com

Honorable Mention

How to Feed Yourself: Recipes for Real Life From a Young & Hungry Foodie by Becky Duffett and Matt Schriock (photos) ($30). Yellow Dog Books. Web: beckyduffett.com/cookbook.html

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