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The WD Interview:
Brad Thor

Brad Thor hit No. 1 with his seventh novel, The Last Patriot, but it came at a cost. Read on to find out why Thor’s passion keeps him writing—even in the face of death threats.

by Maria Schneider

Miranda Rights for Writers

Sure, in the writer’s mind, everyone’s fair game for material. But just like run-ins with the law, all suspects—even those popping up in your fiction and memoirs—deserve a fair reading of their rights.

by Cindy Adams

Podcast Your Book

You can distribute your whole book or one audio chapter at a time via podcasts, which differ from audiobooks in that listeners can subscribe to a podcast to get updated chapters or shows delivered automatically to a variety of devices at home or on the go.

Writer’s Digest’s 2008 Best Writer

Most children stop obeying their parents sometime between junior high and high school graduation, but writer Claudia Luiz—a wife, mother of two and successful psychoanalyst—still listens to her mom.
And when Luiz’s mom told her she needed a website, Luiz obeyed.

by Brian A. Klems

One Writer

I first knew I wanted to be a writer sometime in 1990, soon after my marriage to Carla. Always an avid reader, I really enjoyed the horror genre.  I especially loved the books written by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul.  Those folks were my idols.  I’m sure I’ve read THE STAND, PHANTOMS,...


Read chapter 9, "Beginnings," from The Glimmer Train Guide to Writing Fiction, Volume 1: Building Blocks

2008 Article Index

All feature articles and columns published in Writer’s Digest during 2008 are indexed by topic. Abbreviations for regular columns: Ask the Pro (ATP), The Conference Scene (CS), InkWell (IW), First Impressions (FI), On the Edge (OTE), Postscript (PS), Questions & Quandaries (QQ), The Sentence Sleuth (SS), The WD Interview (WDI), This Writer’s Life (WL),...

A Killer Query

Composing a good query letter is vital to getting an agent hooked on a self-published book.

10 Basic Ingredients of a Successful Thriller

At the 2008 Maui Writers Conference, bestselling thriller writer Gary Braver (Skin Deep) said that dread drives thrillers. You know who the good guys and bad guys are. Dull moments will lose an audience, and writers can't afford to lose an audience, even for one page. To captivate an audience (and agents and publishers),...