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Thanks to Everyone Who Participated in WD's First Webinar

Welcome to all the webinar participants from today’s free session: 5 Tips to Getting Published in Tough Times! Here are links to the sites I recommended in my presentation: Publishers Marketplace MediaBistro BoSacks Read Write Web Chris Brogan Tools of Change for Publishing Also: Our first paid webinar will be on January 15, all...

How to Incubate Your Story

To write a story you need five or six days, during which time you must be thinking about it every moment, otherwise you’ll never be able to frame good sentences.

Anxiety Levels for Writers

What if the Office of Homeland Security developed a color-coded warning chart for the anxiety level of writers? Here's what we believe it'd look like.

by WC Vasquez


Insiders Bob Sacks and Samir Husni square off in the magazine industry’s hottest debate: Will print magazines survive—or even thrive—in the next century?

E-books: Take 2

Digital books are once again on the upswing. Will the resurging medium pave the way to a brave new world for writers?

by Zachary Petit

6 Questions with New WD Editor Jessica Strawser

It’s official: Writer’s Digest magazine has a new editor. In the wake of Maria Schneider, who left the publication in early October, F+W Media has appointed Jessica Strawser, North Light Books and Memory Makers Books Managing Editor—and former WD staffer—to the magazine’s top post.

by Zachary Petit

NOT: How Can I Make Money? INSTEAD: How Can I Serve?

My colleague Amy Schell recently shared Seth Godin’s interview with the people over at Harper Studio. A couple wonderful snippets:If everything is free, how is anyone going to make any money?First, the market and the internet don’t care if you make money. That’s important to say. You have no right to make money from...

Why All Authors Need a Platform

Before you are in a position to land a book deal, you need to construct a platform that will build your future book's readership, project your professionalism, and attract the interest of editors and agents.

The WD Interview:
Brad Thor

Brad Thor hit No. 1 with his seventh novel, The Last Patriot, but it came at a cost. Read on to find out why Thor’s passion keeps him writing—even in the face of death threats.

by Maria Schneider

Miranda Rights for Writers

Sure, in the writer’s mind, everyone’s fair game for material. But just like run-ins with the law, all suspects—even those popping up in your fiction and memoirs—deserve a fair reading of their rights.

by Cindy Adams

Podcast Your Book

You can distribute your whole book or one audio chapter at a time via podcasts, which differ from audiobooks in that listeners can subscribe to a podcast to get updated chapters or shows delivered automatically to a variety of devices at home or on the go.