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4 Ways to Make Every Word Count

Getting the full value out of every word you write is especially important when it comes to the short story. Here are four techniques to help you make each word count.

Read the grand-prize short story from the sixth annual WD Popular Fiction Awards here.

Story Map Worksheet

Map your story structure with this downloadable Story Map Worksheet based on Nancy Ellen Dodd's The Writer's Compass. 

Writing & Selling Your Memoir

When you think about writing your memoir, making it “marketable” might not be your first priority. You’re probably more focused on prose, structure and voice. While those elements are crucial, in today’s marketplace publishers are looking for writers who can deliver “the total package” – excellent writing combined with...

Learn How Less Can Be More

Read the winning story in WD’s 11th Annual Short Short Story Competition, and find out more about how its author, Mikala Engel, conveyed big emotion in a small word count.