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7 Things I’ve Learned So Far, by Glen Retief

This is a recurring column I’m calling “7 Things I’ve Learned So Far,” where writers at any stage of their career can talk about seven things they’ve learned along their writing journey that they wish they knew at the beginning. This installment is from writer Glen Retief. Glen Retief is the author of The...

5 Innovative Poets to Watch & Learn From

As everyone knows, you can’t make a living from writing and selling poetry. Or can you? Well, it IS next to impossible to make a living by only writing poems. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why poets seem to be the ones I see most often experimenting and innovating. They know that large-scale publication...


How I Found My Agent: Susan Pohlman

"How I Got My Agent" is a recurring feature on the GLA blog. Some tales are of long roads and many setbacks, while others are of good luck and quick signings. If you have a literary agent and would be interested in writing a short guest column for this GLA blog, e-mail me at...

Helpful Insights for Self-Publishing Novelists

I moderated a panel at SXSW called The Self-Publishing Novelist, which included insights from 3 experienced experts: John Sundman. Read an interview with John here, Building an Enthusiastic Fan Base as a Self-Published Author. Carolyn McCray. Read her helpful articles over at Digital Book World, including Best Practices for Amazon E-Book Sales, How to...

The Very Beginning: Your Opening Scene

In this excerpt from Chapter 1: The Very Beginning: Your Opening Scene from Nancy Kress’s Elements of Fiction Writing: Beginnings, Middles, & Ends, you’ll learn:
  • why it’s so important to establish your story’s promise
  • how...

Beginnings, Middles, & Ends

Find out more about Elements of Fiction Writing: Beginnings, Middles, & Ends by Nancy Kress.

  • Hook readers, agents, and editors in the first three paragraphs.
  • Make and keep your...

Take Back Your Lunch Hour

In this excerpt from Chapter 4: Writers, Take Back Your Lunch Hour from Áine Greaney’s Writer With a Day Job, you’ll learn:
  • how to make your lunch hour work for you
  • the ...

Writer With a Day Job

In Writer With a Day Job by Áine Greaney

  • Learn how to balance a day job and a writing life
  • Find exercises, inspiration, and techniques you need to build creative...