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Author Archives: Rob Eagar

Think Like a Producer to Get More Media Interviews

If you want to get more media interviews, put yourself in the position of a producer. The producer is the decision-maker behind most radio and TV programs whose responsible for planning the topics and booking guests. If you’re a producer, would you rather be approached by authors who are just trying to get airtime to promote their books? Or, would you rather be approached by an author who acts like an expert on a topic that’s relevant to the audience? From the producer’s perspective, one approach feels selfish, while the other feels helpful. Read more

How to Sell Books Like Wildfire

ultimate guide to marketing | marketing tips

Building a fire is a great illustration for authors who want to sell more books. Here’s why. Read more

3 Built-In Book Marketing Tips

How do you create an effective book marketing tool? Follow these three guidelines. Read more

Turning Marketing Lemons into Lemonade

Recently, I attended the Book Expo America convention (BEA) in New York City to launch my new book, Sell Your Book Like Wildfire. Unfortunately, when I got to the show, raring to promote my new title, the books had not yet arrived. As you can imagine, I was disappointed. But in that moment, I had a decision to make. I could let the problem get me down and assume the show was a disaster. Or, I could take matters into my own hands and proactively look for other marketing opportunities. I chose the latter. Read more

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Book

There’s a new kid on the social media block that is changing the way people communicate online and it’s called Pinterest. Here’s how to use it to market your book. Read more

3 Reasons Why Some Books Never Sell

Why isn’t my book selling better than I expected? I hear this question on a regular basis from authors across America. There is no easy answer. However, there are a few ways to identify the root problem. Above all, if you’ve written a book that isn’t selling well, don’t blame the public. The market doesn’t lie. Millions of books are purchased every day. In contrast, if your book is struggling to sell, the problem is usually associated with one or more of the following issues … Read more