An Illustrated Guide to Dynamic Characters

If your protagonist isn’t compelling, it doesn’t matter how well-structured your plot is. This quick guide to three common types of dynamic characters will help you create a protagonist that resonates with readers and takes your story to new heights.

Who Reads the Most in the World? (It’s not the U.S.)

If you’re a bookworm, you probably read more than most people you know. If you’re a competitive bookworm, you want to know how much more you read than most people you know. If you fall into the latter camp, wonder no more. This infographic lays out the reading prowess of countries...

A Writer’s Guide to British vs. American English

Upon my recent discovery that, in England, “English muffins” are merely dubbed “muffins” (I know), my curiosity was piqued: What are some ways vocabulary may differ across the pond? This infographic comparing everyday differences in British and American English is a gem (or as the Britons call it…a gem. But I...