Personalized Writing Retreats


At this retreat in Maine’s lake and mountain region, you’ll honor your creative process through interactive work with coach Joan Lee Hunter, and on your own. Hunter has been working with writers for 17 years, and she’s a certified teacher of the Metcalf-Simon Practice of Proprioceptive Writing, a meditative writing method that helps you deepen your attention and write with clarity. She works intuitively to help authors with writer’s block and other issues. “I’ve had many people come and discover that they’ve been writing the wrong story,” she says. “What has been hanging them up is that another—always better—story has been wanting to get out and they’ve ignored it because they’ve been too wedded to their original agenda.”

The lodge, a blend of modern and rustic styles, has a cozy feel, even though it’s large enough to accommodate up to 10 people. Students typically stay three to four days.

When: Year-round
Where: 535 S. Bridgton Road, Bridgton, Maine
How much: Hunter’s coaching fee is $75 per hour or $60 per hour for guests who don’t stay overnight. Lodging is $80 per night.
For more info:; to make a reservation, call
(207)647-3506 or e-mail

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