You’re Having Twins

The ultrasound come in and it turns out you and your spouse are having twins. Write the scene where you tell your family, especially your mother who for years has jokingly asked you to have twins.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “You’re Having Twins

  1. kathleenmagner

    When Leo grabbed the doorknob to Counselor Wright’s office, I laid my hand on his forearm. “I don’t think you should come.”

    His eyes grew wide. I didn’t think they could have gotten any bigger than the Frisbees they’d become when we’d first found out. Like then, he kept his head level, his tone soft but sure.

    “You shouldn’t have to face him alone.”

    “He’s going to be pissed enough as it is.” I stroked the bulge beginning to distend below my belly button, the one Ms. Wright had implied would become harder and harder to hide from my papa, my teachers, my classmates, as winter turned into spring.

    “I want to be there,” said Leo. “To protect you. To protect our family.”

    I faced the door’s frosted glass and the dark letters of Ms. Wright’s name. We became shadows, fuzzy silhouettes void of Leo’s pleading stare or whatever twisted expression my range of emotions created on my face. Hormones, it seemed, could do a number on your brain and your features.

    “He’s my papa,” I whispered to our reflections, “and I’m going to tell him myself.” Gathering my nerve, I tightened my grasp on Leo’s arm and pushed him from the knob. “The rest can come later. Today, I need to do this alone.”

    Leo scowled. The dark bangs I had brushed out of his face countless times draped his forehead, adding a sullen cast to his eyes. I hope the two swelling inside of me would have eyes like his, ones deep enough you could wade in for hours.

    “All right, Ris, but I’ll be right outside.”

    He withdrew a step and a gap seemed to grow between us. Grabbing his hand, I yanked him back for a quick kiss. He returned it, our unspoken apologies mixing with warm breaths. Before it became more, I released him to the locker-lined corridor and swept into Ms. Wright’s office.

    The door slammed behind me, louder than I’d meant. Glass and wood became a sudden blockade against the world, but at the same time, trapped me in a cage of my own making.

    From behind her desk, Ms. Wright smiled, blonde waves framing her peach face. “How are you doing today?”


    “I’d imagine so.” She rose amid the folders of other misbehaving students and clumps of potted plants. “Been taking your vitamins?”


    Ms. Wright offered a paper cup she filled from her bubbler when I’d perched on her folding chair with its flattened cushion. I gulped down the cool water but my mouth parched at a knock on the door. The pattern, one my papa used on my bedroom when I’d overslept, seemed so out of place.

    “We’ll get through this.” Ms. Wright squeezed my shoulder before gliding to the door. “Good afternoon, Mr. Grazino.”

    I felt my papa looming in the threshold.

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  2. RAndersenAuthor

    Spring was in the air. Blossoms were budding on fruit trees and green leaves began to fill out the bare limbs of the trees that lined the sidewalks of suburban Kansas City. New life was being breathed into the barren remnants of winter, and I was no exception.

    James and I had been married for almost ten years, and now, after years of saving up for IVF treatments, I, too, was beginning to show signs that I was carrying new life within me.

    Correction: new lives. Only a few days ago, we learned that we were expecting twins.

    “Your mother is going to faint when she hears the news,” James said with a chuckle as we exited the Interstate and drove toward my parents’ house.

    “Actually, she’s not,” I said as I shook my head. “She ordered this.”

    He raised an eyebrow in confusion.

    I nodded. “When I was in high school, I swore I’d never get married.”

    James chuckled, and I couldn’t blame him. After all, we’d gotten married the summer after my freshman year in college.

    When his laughter subsided, I continued. “My mother promptly said that would be fine as long as I found some way to give her two grandchildren. Preferably twins—so she’d only have to remember one birthday.”

    James laughed even more heartily at my mother’s joke. “Did she order a boy and a girl, two boys, or two girls?”

    “Are you kidding?” I asked as I looked over at him. “She ordered one of each!”

    James continued to giggle as we pulled into my parents’ driveway. When he stopped the car, he had to wipe the tears of laughter from his eyes. He turned a wide grin to me as his laughter died out. “Just be grateful she didn’t order quadruplets or sextuplets!”

    I couldn’t help but laugh with him. We were struggling to wrap our heads around two babies. I couldn’t imagine what we would do if we found out we were going to have four babies!

    James helped me out of the car, and we walked up to the front door of my parents’ house. I didn’t even have to knock before my mother had thrown open the door to welcome us inside.

    “Oh, you’re just glowing,” she cried as she clapped her hands together in delight. She placed a hand on my growing belly. “Oh, you have such a precious gift there inside you,” she cooed excitedly.

    “Actually, Mom,” I said as I reached into my purse for the sonogram photos. “I have more than one precious gift in there.”

    My mother turned wide eyes to me. “What?”

    I handed the sonogram photo to her with a grin. “We’re having twins!”

    My mother looked from the photo to me to my husband and back to the photo. “Twins?” She asked with a growing smile. “You’re having twins?”

    “Yep. We’re having twins. That’s what you ordered, isn’t it?” I teased.

    She grinned. “Sure is. And I always get what I order.”


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