Secret Passageway

You’ve just moved into a new house and are fixing it up. In the process of painting you find an odd crack in the wall. As you explore further, you find out it’s a secret passageway—and you have no idea where it leads. You decide to grab a flashlight and go exploring.

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287 thoughts on “Secret Passageway

  1. sjmca1966

    You definitely wouldn’t have called the woman handing Michael his room key a young Turk, she was ninety if she was a day, “What you do in Lycia?” she asked.

    “Me? oh I’m doing research for my book on the Ottoman Empire,” said Michael.

    “Aghh, crazy man, crazy man!” yelled the old woman, as she shuffled off up the wooden stairs to the right of the reception desk. She was waving her arms in the air like a demented orangutan.

    A younger man then appeared from the open door behind the desk, “I am sorry about my grandmother,” he said, “Time it is catching up to her I fear.”

    “That’s really no problem,” said Michael.

    “I am Kasim, but my friends, they call me Qasim.”

    “I’m Michael, nice to meet you Qasim.”

    “Come, come,” said Qasim, gesturing for Michael to follow him up the stairs, “I overhear you say why you in Lycia.”

    “The Ottoman Empire? Yes, yes.”

    “Do you . . . how you say? scoobie dive?”

    “If you mean scuba? then yes, yes I do.”

    Qasim stopped on the stairs and pulled a card from his top pocket, “You talk to Mesut, he is my cousin, he take you where you need to go. You tell him I send you,” he said.

    “Thank you, I’ll do that.”

    Later that night, Michael woke and went to the bathroom. As he was about to switch off the light and get back in bed he saw a chest in the corner of the room, he hadn’t noticed it on his arrival. It was the nature of his occupation to be inquisitive, he wandered over and lifted the lid to the archaic looking structure. Michael stared in amazement at the contents, Jackpot, he thought to himself. The figurines in the chest all looked genuine, however he was more than confused by the tails adorning all the human looking statuettes.

    In the morning, Michael made his way to the local fishing port. He pulled the card Qasim had given him from his jacket pocket and started looking for the boat name that was on the card, Gizli Dünya. The water was like a mill-pond and there were only a dozen or so boats in port, making his task easier.

    “Mesut?” Michael called out to the man standing on the Gizli Dünya. The man that turned was the spitting image of Qasim.

    “You must be Michael, I have been expecting you.”

    An hour after leaving port the boat stopped, Mesut handed Michael his scuba gear. They were under water for about three minutes, when Mesut gestured to Michael to follow him into an ominous looking cave. When they surfaced from the cave, Michael removed his mask and rubbed his eyes more than once to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him. He’d arrived in a palace of gleaming gold and silver.

    A regal looking man helped Michael and Mesut onto the marble floor, when he turned he was sporting a furry tail, much the same as the figurines in the chest, “Welcome to my Empire, I am Otterman and this is my faithful companion, Dolphinboy.”

  2. run4urlife777

    It’s one o’clock in the afternoon and I had spent most of the day moving the boxes from the van into the house we had just bought. The house was small sort of old-fashioned, but it was what we could afford. My roommate was supposed to be here helping me but instead she said something came up at work and she had to go. I looked into the van and there was one more box left; I walked over slowly and picked it even though my arms ached.
    “I can’t believe I saved this box for last,” I muttered to myself regretting the choice I had made. This box was full of books and encyclopedias that my roommate said that she needed. As I neared the living room, where all the other boxes were, my grip on the box started to loosen. I scanned the room, realizing there was not enough space to put the box. So I started to rush to the nearest wall so that I could get a better grip on the box before going into my bedroom. The box wasn’t even taped and I knew if I dropped it, there would be a big mess. I got to the wall and started to make my way down the hallway. Suddenly I felt my foot hit something and I ended up sprawled across the floor with books sliding out of the box. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I thought to myself, “why does this stuff always happen to me?”
    I got hold of the bathroom doorknob and pulled myself up as my legs throbbed with pain. I started to look around to see what I had tripped on. I figured it was like a- there it was! One of the floorboards seem slightly higher than the other ones. I crouched down and tried to pull it up with all of my strength. As I kept pulling I realized that it wasn’t only one floorboard, it was multiple. This was getting harder. Using as much energy as I could I yanked the floorboard back discovering and four by four hole. My roommate is not going to be happy when she sees what I did.
    I peered into the hole only to discover a winding staircase. The stairs were made out of stones and there was moss growing in between the cracks. The walls on the sides of the stair case were also made out of stone and they had candelabras attached to them. All of the candles were lit and I knew this meant that somebody had gone down there recently. I knew I should just put the floorboard back in its place and forget about the staircase; but I couldn’t resist, I loved a good adventure. I jumped up ran to the living room, forgetting about the pain in my legs. I saw the box marked “Emergency Supplies”, so I ripped it open and found the flashlight. Turning it on and making sure it had enough batteries, I walked back to the hole.
    I slowly started to make my way down the stairs. As I walked further the hole leading back to my house seemed to be getting smaller. The stairs also seemed to be getting wetter. By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs, there was water halfway up my calf. As I kept walking down the tunnel, I turned my flashlight on high because it seemed to be getting darker. I saw silhouette of a man.
    “Who are you,” I asked my voice quivering. Suddenly piercing blue eyes appeared in the darkness. “We have been expecting you,” the man said.

  3. dolphin198818

    As I painted the upstairs spare bedroom with the light purple that my wife had picked out, I noticed something odd in the wall. When I stopped painting and laid the roller down on the paper covering the rugs, I ran my finger down the wall, and noticed that it was a crack. As I keep looking at the crack, I see that it looked like it could open, so, I pushed the part of the wall that was shaped like a door, and sure enough it slid opened. After the secret door had opened, I had seen that there was a secret passage way behind the door. I went to look in the passage way, but it was too dark, so I quickly ran down stairs, grabbed the flash light that was lying on the counter, and ran back up to the secret passage way.
    I quickly turned on the flashlight and had to wipe the spider webs that were hanging in the doorway before walking in. ‘Huh, I wonder where this leads to?’ I asked to myself as I shined the flashlights down the endless tunnel. So, I began to walk down the dark endless tunnel, with just my flashlight and myself. As I continued to walk down the passage way, I shined the flash light on the walls, and noticed that there were old pictures of the family that used to live here. There was the old man that use to be a lawyer, and his wife.
    I began to walk down the passage way again, and came upon a locked door. I shined the flash light, and tried to push the door open and get it unlocked, but no use. So, I quickly looked around to see if I could find a special key or something that was hanging beside the door, and sure enough, there was an old key hanging beside the door. I quickly grabbed the key, and unlocked the door and walked into another room, which looked like it been there forever.
    As I walked into the room, and shined the flash light around to see if there was any kind of light, I finally seen an old light switch beside the door, and turned on the light. When I turned on the light and looked around the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There must have been millions and millions upon gold saved up in this room. I walked over and had to touch the gold with my fingers to make sure it was real, and it was.
    That whole day I didn’t tell anyone about the gold that I have found, until my wife came home. Needless to say, we paid off the house, and took our cruise that we been longing for. We also helped some people in our neighborhood that needed the help. Everyone that we helped always asks us where we got the money from, and we always told them that we just found it lying around the house.

  4. SarahAnn3723

    I gently tap on the crack and it crumbles. I decide to grab my hammer to open the hole that I had made to get ready to fix it. As I begin to hammer though, I don’t see a brick wall or wood wall behind it. I hammer a little more making the hole bigger when I come to find out that it’s a passageway. I open the wall completely so that I could investigate a little more. I grab up my flashlight which is sitting on my ladder beside of me and I turn it on. I shine the light through the passageway and it’s all stone walls and there are stairs leading down deeper. I decide to go and investigate what I had discovered.
    The first thought that came to my mind was that it was just the basement that someone had covered up for some particular reason until I come into a long hallway. It’s dark, moldy, and I can hear the dripping of water from it being so deep underground. It’s chilly in the hallway but I keep going further down until I come across a door. The door was large and wooden with scratches all on the outside as if something wanted in. I examine the door a little until I see a light shine from under the door. I hesitantly knock on the door then I begin to open it a little. The door made a creaking noise like any old door would.
    As I opened the door, I see the room his huge. Hanging from the ceiling are several lights swaying back and forth gently. The floor was dirt and the walls were cobble stone with moss growing on the stones. I look around a little more and there are old paintings of men and women all around wearing strange clothing that I’ve never seen before.
    In the center of the room is a sundial with candles lit all around it in a perfect circle. I look at it strangely as I begin to walk around the room carefully until I hear a bang that makes me jump in fright and someone bashed though a door I hadn’t noticed before.
    “Who are you?!” shouted the huge man.
    I fall backwards against the wall and say with an unsteady voice, “I-I’m Sarah.. I found this passageway in my new home leading here. I’m sorry…”
    “Well, what makes you think you can go snooping here?” he replied.
    “I didn’t think anyone was down here and I was curious as to what was here. I’m sorry, I’ll leave now…” I said as I got up.
    “Yes, you’d better go before your worst nightmare comes true. And never come here again.” He said in a stern voice as I begin to run off.
    When I get back up to the room I was working on, I decide to patch the hole and never go back through the passage ever again, frighten by his last words to me.

  5. socks12ful

    The year is 2010. Newly weds 24 year old Domino and 26 year old Jasper were renovating an old fixer upper that the couple bought two months ago. The renovations were nearly complete.
    It was the middle of the afternoon and Jasper was almost done painting one of the bedrooms. He opened the door that led to the walk in closet and stepped inside. In the back of the closet was something that looked like the entrance to a door that was blocked off by wooden 2x4s. He got a hammer and started pulling apart the boards. On the other side, he found a door that a small child could fit through.
    “Hey! Honey? Come and take a look at this,” He shouted to his wife.
    Domino walked up stairs and to the closet.
    “What, what is it?” She asked.
    “Take a look at this door,” Jasper replied.
    Jasper opened the door and walked inside. It was a separate larger room that housed a bunch of boxes. He was able to stand in it.
    Domino walked in and was as genuinely amazed as he was.
    They immediately started to open the boxes and found old photo albums, fine china, toys, and clothes.
    “Look at this,” Domino said as she took out a document of some kind.
    “Looks like a death certificate…Maybe we should pay respect to the dead, put this back and…” Jasper started to trail off.
    “Yeah…” Domino said.
    Domino agreed but she was more intrigued then she was scared.
    They put the boxes back where they belonged and boarded the door back up thinking that they solved the problem.

  6. missab5

    Peeling away the last of the wallpaper in my bedroom I notice a crack in the wall. Upon further exploration I find it’s actually a door. Intrigued I grab a flashlight and step into the darkness. As if I’d just stepped into a horror movie scene I wade my way through a series of cobwebs. The narrow beam of my flashlight the only illumination as I journey further in. At first the walls and floor are made of wood, but end after about twenty feet. I found myself surrounded by stone like I’d just stepped into a cave. That lasted for another twenty feet before turning back into wood. Somehow I’d looped back around which is impossible.

    As I stepped back through the doorway I knew instantly that something was wrong. It was as if I’d gone back in time. The wallpaper I had just removed was not only back on the walls but looked brand new. It was furnished like a sitting room and a fire was lit in the fireplace. Footsteps approach and I turn to reenter the passageway only to find the door closed. Behind me a man clears his throat. Cautiously I turn. Standing there is the man of my dreams. It was as if he’d just stepped out of the pages of a Jane Austen novel. He was tall with black hair and blue eyes. The clothes were impeccable. There I was a mess in paint splattered jeans and t-shirt.

    As much as I wanted to stay I knew I didn’t belong. I turned back to the door to find it was gone, which is impossible, because I’d just come through it. I felt around the wall trying to find it. Behind me the man laughed.

    “It is no good. The door opens only when it wishes to.” He was smiling as I turned to look at him.

    Yes I have dreamt of being sent back to this time, or that I might have lived here in a past life. Now that it seems to be happening for real I don’t know what to do.

    “This has happened before?”

    “Yes. I need to take a wife but have been unable to make a match. Apparently the door thinks you are a good match for me. My grandmother came through the door. She was 17 and the year she came from was 1997.” He sat in a chair by the fireplace, so I sat opposite him.

    She was in school with me when she disappeared. I always loved the house she lived in and when it went up for sale I bought it. She should be 32. How could she be your grandmother?”

    “All I know is that it is the magic of the door.”

    My mind began to spin. Perhaps all those dreams and past life ponderings were in fact visions of my future.

    “Is your grandmother still alive?”

    “She is. Would you like to see her?”

    “Very much.”

    Might was well accept my fate.

  7. tday8907

    Hours. I spent HOURS at the hardware store this morning picking out the perfect paint color for the guest room. It had to be gender neutral, of course. I wanted everyone to be comfortable in MY guest room. Wow, I never get tired of saying that. MY guest room. My living room. MY house! I never thought it would happen, yet here I stand. But I digress. Back to the paint color. Hosta Plant. That was my color. Blue enough to be masculine, yet enough of a pastel to please the more feminine guests.
    So, here I stand. A paint roller full of Hosta Plant paint and only one wall started. The reason for this being that while I was painting the one wall, I discovered a crack going down the center. A rather large crack. How I managed to miss this ginormous crack in the wall during all of my walk-throughs before I bought the house, not to mention the entire time I was moving in, was beyond me, but apparently I managed it.
    I stepped closer to the wall to see what it would take to fix the grand canyon I had traveling down my wall. Wow, that’s really deep! I stuck my finger in to see exactly how deep it went. My index finger went in…and in…and in. The crack had looked deep, but certainly not THAT deep. And my hand just kept going in. Ok, this is creepy! When I pulled my hand out, a big chunk of drywall came with it! Great! Just freaking great! How long is THAT gonna take to fix?
    After my anger dissipated, I checked out the hole that I had just made in my guest room wall. I couldn’t really see a lot because it was so dark, but I got the impression that I could have stuck my whole arm, up to the shoulder, into the hole and not touched anything. Weird.
    My curiosity was peaked. I ran to my kitchen (MY KITCHEN!) and grabbed my flashlight. Running back to the guestroom, I imagined how cool it would be if I found some sort of secret room in my house that was full of treasure! (Ok, so I was grown up enough to have a job and buy my own house, but still young enough to indulge in whimsical fancies. Don’t judge!) By this time I was back in my partially painted guest room. I walked up to the wall and shined my light into the hole I had made.
    It was still pretty dark in there even with my flashlight beam. But I could see enough to know that it was not a secret room full of treasure. It sort of looked like a brick tunnel! At first I was excited. A secret tunnel in my house?? I wonder where it went…Then my mature self kicked in and said, Hello Stupid! There is a room on the other side of that wall, there is no way that there is a tunnel. Must be some little alcove that was just painted in some cool way. If that was the case, then I would definitely be keeping it! It looked pretty cool to me.
    So I started pulling the drywall down. Pulled until I had a hole big enough for a person to get through. For a moment the child was back, and scared because who knew exactly what was waiting on the other side of the wall. Who knew what kind of things, creepy crawly things maybe, that were in there! Or may be there were monsters! Or …
    Or maybe it was just a small alcove that someone had covered up for some reason and I am just standing here freaking myself out for no reason! So I put my big girl panties on and stepped inside, and somewhere in the back of my head I was still expecting the wall to close up behind me and trap me forever. I sucked in my breath and waited for it to happen and then…nothing.
    Laughing at myself, I turned away from the gaping hole and towards the wall. Except that the wall wasn’t there. Where it should have been was indeed a brick tunnel. I stood there for a minute trying to figure out how that could be when there was a room on the other side of the wall! Eventually I just decided that I was no architect and that whoever had built the house had apparently figured out some tricky way to do what I was thinking was impossible. I decided to check this tunnel out and see where it went.
    I started walking. After a few steps the floor started to slope, slightly at first, so for the first ten minutes or so, I was almost unaware that it was happening. Every few minutes I would look back and make sure I could still see the light.
    All of a sudden I was falling! I braced myself for the impact of the hard floor. Except it never came. I felt like I was falling forever! Then I just landed on my rear end with a little thud and that was it. I was done falling.
    In the split second before I opened my eyes I noticed a couple of things. One, there seemed to be a gentle breeze coming from somewhere. And where ever it was coming from, they must have just mowed because I could smell grass very clearly, as if I were sitting in a large pile of grass clippings. And I could hear something, like a fluttering sound. As if something was flying around. Something big!
    When I did open my eyes, I was stunned to see that I was outside! Not outside my house though, I had no idea where this place was. It was a lot greener than any yard I had ever seen in my life. And I was in fact sitting in a large pile of grass! That’s when I realized that whatever was making the fluttering noise was coming closer and closer….
    I know that this prompt is kinda old, but I just loved it and wanted to put a story up!

  8. JJMof3

    That crazy lawyer that came to see me on my birthday looked like he could have been as old as this house. According to him it had been left to me by my mother. I never even knew my mother, my whole life it was just me and my grandmother, she had never mentioned anything, nothing about the old plantation, nothing about the money, for that matter she really didn’t talk about my parents at all, whenever the subject was approached she had a constant way of changing the subject. But after all his talking and explaining of conditions, I had agreed stay here for the next year, after one year I could collect my inheritance, and it was a LOT of money. It seemed easy enough ….at first.
    My eyes scanned the large dingy space, the slight breeze blowing caused specs of dust to dance lazily in the sunlight that filtered through the slats of the old worn shutters, I started to complain, but the truth is, without that breeze the muggy Georgia heat was unbearable, and needless to say this 170 year old house didn’t have air conditioning. I was just tickled at this point it had electricity that worked. It looked frozen in time, lots of antiques accumulated from eras passed. The once elegant room had the feeling that whoever had been here just walked out; there was still a tea cup on the coffee table waiting for its owner to return…I don’t know why I couldn’t manage to put it away. The only thing in the room that showed movement of time was the steady ticking of the mantel clock that seemed to elevate the silence of the house, it was the first thing I had heard when I had walked thru the massive front doors a week ago. I wouldn’t even allow myself to try to figure out how or why it still worked, it brought an eerie feeling over me when I thought about it.
    The goal was just to spruce the old place up a bit to make it tolerable. I stood surrounded by a few gallons of paint, looking at these 16ft tall walls, knowing I was in over my head. I was driving myself nuts! I decided to quit thinking and start painting. I grabbed a roller and just slapped the new sandy color onto the wall in front of me. As the first smear of paint ran across the wall I saw the thin crack in the plaster. I gave the panel a slight push, the faintest click was heard and the large opening appeared. Cool air pushed its way through the now open wall, a teasing invitation to me… I looked around the room as if to make sure the beguiling young woman in the faded painting that hung behind me wasn’t watching, I grabbed my flashlight and headed in… the tic tock of the old time keeper grew more and more faint with each step into the darkness.

  9. OurSimpleLoveStory

    She knew what another crack in the wall above the bookshelf would mean to her husband. It would mean faulty foundation issues and another argument with her about renovating this house. But she had fallen in love with this house, a house they inherited from his grandmother when she passed away. The quiet farmhouse meant peace. It meant hope.
    And this crack was going to ruin all of that.
    Just as she was contemplating whether she could hide the crack, a gust of wind ran through the house. No, wait, it came from inside the house, behind the bookshelf to be exact. She probed every inch of the built-in bookshelf until she found the small button. One push, and the bookshelf became a door, opening to a small, dark path.
    The flashlight from the kitchen cast a yellowish haze along the passageway. She thought about calling her husband, but it was close to midnight. He was sure to be asleep. She followed the path until it opened to a large room.
    The room was sparse, except for a long conference table surrounded by chairs. In front of each chair was a neatly placed folder. She noticed a name at each setting, all names of her husband’s family members. His sister, mother, father, even a couple of cousins had a place at this table.
    She found her husband’s seat and folder. The front of it read “Top Secret”. She opened it flat and read through the papers. It was a dossier on an individual they code-named Griffin. It had his personal information, a schedule of his daily routines, and a picture. It was the picture that made her heart pound. She knew that man, and quickly, she was realizing what this was all about. Her fingers traced over the signed order to kill on sight.
    In a moment, she rushed from the room, back through the library, carefully leaving everything the way she found it. She grabbed her keys and headed to the car. She needed to think. She had to figure out what to do.
    But she knew what she had to do, and she had to do it fast. She dug through her purse to find her phone. She dialed the familiar number and waited.
    “Yes,” grumbled the tired voice on the other end.
    “I’m sorry to wake you, but I have confirmation on the location of the eagle’s nest. They have information of your whereabouts. I’m awaiting new orders.”
    Suddenly, the voice was direct and professional, “Gather as much information as you can. Do not call again until I have secured a way out for the both of us. I will contact you soon.”
    “Yes sir.”
    The call ended. She dialed one more familiar number. It went to voicemail. Claudia smiled. “Hey honey, I’ve almost finished painting the house. I can wait to see you again. Love you!”
    With that, Claudia returned to finish painting the house before her husband came home.

  10. Moon Eyes

    It was a tiny place, barely big enough to be called a house, with high ceilings and exposed beams that framed the dust motes floating in the slanted evening sunshine.
    I was tinkering around on the sun porch. The floor covered in what had once been a plush white carpet. It was now dingy and greyed, matted to the point that the fibres were scratchy and uncomfortable. I was using a box cutter to saw my way around the border of the room and pull up the edges of the grubby old carpet.
    My husband was shuffling books around on the open floor that would, someday, be the living room. His exasperated groan carried through the open doorway and the sound of toppling books followed it. “Darlin’, why do you have to have so many of these things?”
    I dragged the back of my hand across my forehead and looked at him over the top of my glasses. “Most of the ones in those boxes are yours, quit your complaining.”
    He stuck his tongue out at me, then heaved himself off the floor and sauntered over to stand in the doorway. “What do you say to take away?”
    “I knew there was a reason I married you,” I said, grinning.
    He grinned back before turning to go grab his car keys from the bowl that we’d set on the stand right inside the front door. “The usual?”
    I nodded, turning to the corner of the sun porch to start pulling up more of the carpet.
    The air on the sun porch was warm and thick, making my head muzzy.
    It had already been a long day of trying to get the new house straightened up, and the heat of the evening sunshine was making me drowsy. I kept tugging, little by little, and the more I pulled up the more it exposed a network of spider web cracks in the floor underneath. The late sunshine pushed through the cracks, making my eyes heavier still, my body warmer, that fuzzy sleepiness at the back of my head stronger.
    At one point I closed my eyes, the weight of the warmth and sleep overwhelming my drive to finish with the floor. What sounded a door opening underneath the floorboards drove them open again, and without thinking, I was reaching out to finger the lit cracks that were in my floor.
    The edges of them just started falling away when I picked at them, in a way more like old paint than old boards and the corner of my sun porch opened to darkness, and before I knew it, the edge where I was perched crumbled away. Shadows pressed against me, into me, a heavy heat. It was deafening. It was like drowning.
    I fell back into my body, and the momentum of the fall shocked my body. I imagine that’s what jumpstarting a car would feel like. Everything too bright brightness, pounding heart, eyes wide open.
    “Honey, I’m back. Are you alright?”

  11. jren

    “Mom. . .Dad. . .I am going to check things out in the basement. OK? Mom, did you hear me?” Jack yelled.
    “Stay out of trouble. I mean it, Jack.” Mom yelled back.
    “Awe come on Mom, you know me.” Jack said.
    “Yeah, that’s the problem.” She muttered back.
    Dad was unloading the boxes from the truck as Mom unpacked and organized. That’s what Mom does.
    Jack. . .well he was always finding new ways to get into trouble. What else would he do at thirteen?
    The basement was not the usual musty smelling basement. Of course there was a furnace and some storage of junk in a corner. Jack started moving the junk as he called it. . .I don’t know. Maybe he was looking for buried treasure or something.
    Jack spotted a box against the wall. He tried to move it but it was attached. He pulled and pulled but to no avail. He found a hammer and started pounding away at it until finally it started coming apart.
    “Jack, what are you doing?” Mom yells.
    “Nothing Mom.” Jack yells back.
    There is a hole where the box used to be. Jack ran upstairs to get a flashlight. “Jack, what are you up to?” Dad asked.
    “Just looking around, Dad, That’s all.” Jack told him. He ran back downstairs with the flashlight.
    Jack crawled with the flashlight through the hole in the wall. The hole wasn’t very big but inside there was a big room. It was so dark, even with the flashlight. He felt around the wall until he touched a metal plate of some kind.
    A bright light filled the room. Jack was in awe of the beautifully colored walls of jewels. There was one odd shaped smooth stone on the floor. Jack stepped on it and a wall of colorful light surrounded him. As he looked around, he realized, he wasn’t in the basement anymore.
    Jack called out “Mom. . .Dad.” There was no answer.
    “Where am I?” Jack said out loud. “Now what am I going to do?”
    “You found the secret passage, young man.” A voice said.
    Jack was scared as he asked, “Who. . .who are you, where am I and what secret passage?”
    “My name is Gordon and this is my dog, Max. And who might you be and how did you come to find us here?” The man said.
    “I am Jack and I crawled through a hole in the wall in our new house. . .well, here I am.” Jack told him. “No one will believe this. Now, how do I get back home?”
    “Well, I think you just do it in reverse. Stand on the same spot and you should be transported back to your home. You could come here whenever you like just by crawling through the hole again.” Gordon told Jack.
    As Jack was engulfed by the light again, he remembered feeling like Dorothy in the Land of Oz. He found himself back in the strange room in the basement. He closed off the hole again until he wanted to go on another adventure to Oz.

  12. Mary

    “Oh! Look! At this! It’s a secret passage way isn’t it Tim?” Little Sister looks to her left, “Yea I’m excited too.” The wall crumbles lightly and the little girl falls in. “TIM! Why did you push me!” She falls into the wall and lands in a giant tulip. She gasps in delight! “What a pretty flower!”

    “Isn’t it?” says a boy voice from her left.

    “Tim?” she cries.

    “It’s nice to finally meet you little sister. I’m Tim.”

    Little Sister laughs and reaches out to him. “I can see you finally!” He hugs her and takes her to another big pink flower and removes his shirt. “Tim! Why are you taking off your clothes?”

    “We don’t need clothes here little sister. We can be ourselves.”

    “REALLY?!” she cries in excitement. Little Sister wasn’t one to like clothes much and eagerly removes her dress. Tim removes his pants then his underwear. Little Sister follows suit.

    They lie next to each other, no clothes and Tim starts to touch her. Little Sister doesn’t know what to do. Tim had never touched her like that before. “Tim what are you doing?”

    “I’m saying hello with my body. This is how grown-ups say hello.” Little Sister was cautious but soon was excited about saying hello like grown-ups. And she starts touching Tim too. Tim starts to change. There’s something changing in one of his body parts and Little Sister begins to laugh and playfully touches it.

    “Do you like that Tim,” she laughs. Little Sister thinks it’s funny how Tim can change so magically. He hugs her closer and Little Sister thinks it’s nice.

    “Yes,” he whispers to Little Sister. “A lot.”

    Little Sister is getting scared. Tim’s getting a little too aggressive for her. “Tim, that hurts me.” She says, trying to push his hand away. But Tim doesn’t stop. “Tim! Stop it! That hurts me! I want to go home!” but Tim doesn’t stop. Little Sister feels scared as he puts his entire body on her.

    Little Sister wakes up later on her bed. She sees Tim in the corner of the room and she hides under her blankets. She hurts between her legs and there are marks all over her small body. “Tim, why did you hurt me?” she asks. Tim appears under the blankets and Little Sister doesn’t know what to do.

    “I didn’t hurt you. I welcomed you to my world. Would you like to go back? There’s a lot more fun to be had.”
    Little Sister looks towards the living room where the door to Tim’s world is. She’s afraid but Tim keeps touching her and says he won’t stop touching her until she goes back. Little Sister gets out of bed and goes back to the small opening. Tim pushes her in, like he did last time.

    She wakes up in a big rose, red everywhere. Tim is sitting next to her. “Now, Little Sister, where were we?”


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