Rude Awakening

“Get up. That’s right you, with the face. GET UP.” After the boot roughly hits your side you groggily wake up. You remember the bomb, yes the bomb you had to deactivate. That would be your top priority but your captor has a knife and your hands are bound. What do you do next?

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277 thoughts on “Rude Awakening

  1. idiaz

    “Get up. That’s right you, with the face. GET UP.” I feel a sharp pain in my side as a heavy boot, kicks me. Attempting to blink away the bright spots behind my lids, I find myself lying on my side unable to move. My hands are bound firmly behind my back and my head is swimming from what feels like 100 hammers pounding on the back of my head. The base of my neck feels wet and slippery most likely from blood oozing from a possible gash somewhere back there. Groaning, I sit up and try to get my bearings. I look around and instantly recognize Kelly, my partner, huddled in a corner crying softly.

    “SHUT UP!” a voice bellows from my right. Through my foggy vision I see a large man with a scar over his left eye. He is waving a knife in front of him. “Keep crying and I will make sure you never cry again!”

    start to recollect & tick off the events of the past 72 hours. First, a mad man was sending in death threats promising to kill thousands if his requests weren’t met. That must be Mr. Scarface to my right. Second, informants were able to locate the bomb Scarface placed on a platform at the base of the AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys and currently where the biggest event in the U.S. sports was happening, the super bowl. Third, I was on a mission with my partner to deactivate the bomb. We had 3 hours to stop it before it killed everyone in the stadium. When we finally got down here we were ambushed but were able to take out everyone except Scarface who surprised us from behind. Now I’m stuck here with a bomb and no options to get out. Yup, I can see the bomb now with…oh crap…only 15 minutes left!

    I instantly look around to Kelly who had quieted since the last threat from Scarface. We lock eyes and she can see a plan forming. Instantly, she begins to howl and Scarface jumps and runs toward her, knife raised screaming obscenities. Quickly I assess what is tying my hands…zip ties…they cut into my skin and I can’t pull them off. Kelly whimpers as Scarface strikes her.

    Angrily I do the only thing I can think of…I dislocate my thumb sliding my hand out and lunge at Scarface. He wheels around as he hears me approach. I knock him down to the floor with my weight, knocking the knife from his hand. It skids across the floor and I watch as Kelly scoots toward it to free herself.

    “Disable the bomb!” I yell before getting slammed in the back by the recovered Scarface. I kick out at him and my foot connects with his stomach. He coughs in pain but brings his foot down on my dislocated thumb. I yell out and scuttle away from his next kick. Swaying, I get up. He rushes me and we begin to wrestle. My body is still recovering from whatever hit the back of my head so it is hard to concentrate and keep steady on my feet. Scarface grabs a pipe and whacks me on the side of my head. I see stars and stumble. I can hear the distant roar of the crowd as the game is about to start. I hear Kelly scream and I look up to see Scarface running toward her as she attempting to disable the bomb, punching in different codes on the keypad. Wearily I half run, half stumble toward him, placing my full force into him, knocking him off balance he sways sideways. I watch his eyes widen in surprise and his mouth turn into an O as terror overcomes his face. He falls over the side railing of the platform to his death.

    I quickly turn to the bomb and see the red light flickering steady at 1 minute. I glace at Kelly standing beside it, a bruise on her flushed cheek. Relief floods her face and I know we did it. We stopped the bomb. I smile at her. We look up as we hear a definitive roar of the crowd seemingly cheering us on our success, although they have no clue as to how close to death they had come. A voice on the loudspeaker booms.
    “Aaaaand there is the kickoff! We are now underway at Super Bowl LV!!”

  2. sridhar231


       “Get up. That’s right you, with the face. GET UP.”
        Searing pain washes over me as something sharp hits my ribs. I open my eyes groggily to see a tall, burly man towering over me with a knife in one hand.
        The bomb. It had been hidden behind the General’s desk by my squad a few days ago. And it would detonate in less than three hours.
        “That’s an order!” my captor says. I struggle to get up. “Why have you infiltrated our camp?” 
         Beads of sweat trickle down my face. “There’s a bomb in your General’s office. We have to deactivate it as soon as possible,” I say.
       The man whirls me around forcefully, momentarily catching me off guard. “Nonsense. Why should I believe you?” He pushes me towards the doorway. “Let’s see what the General has to say about this, shall we?”
       When we enter the office, I see the General sitting in his desk, staring at a computer. I hear the captor behind me greeting his senior. “I’ve brought an enemy soldier in for you, sir.”
       The tall, well-built officer eyes me and stands. Saluting back to my captor, he says to me, “A rookie, eh? For what purpose are you in enemy territory?”
       “I’m afraid your camp is in serious danger, sir,” I say, going on to give him an explanation and leaving the details about who had installed the bomb.
        He regards me suspiciously. “What is the real reason for your infiltration? Have any spies been assigned along with you as well?”
       I shake my head, wondering frantically how I had gotten caught. “You don’t understand, sir. I’m not a spy,” I say. “But if you’ll let me expose the bomb-”
       “And who installed this bomb in the first place? How do you know about it?”
       I struggle to answer. If I tell him the truth, the General might order an immediate retaliation from their part on my camp. I would be creating a disaster. 
       The captor nudges me hard in the back. “Answer him!” I wince. 
       The diplomatic General lifts a hand up. “Patience, Jackson.” He turns to me. “Very well, since you seem keen on saving our camp, then show us where the bomb is. We will discuss this after it has been deactivated.”
       Relieved, I head towards the desk. All I have to do is deactivate the bomb, tell them some believable lies, and get myself out of here.
       I see a square-shaped trapdoor on the floor behind the General’s chair. ‘This is the spot,’ I think. I commence to open it. My heart beats loudly. The door seems to be shut in place.
       I allow the General to walk forwards and wrench the door open. To my utter shock, I see ammunition packs and rifles all neatly packed inside what looks like an underground storage room. Bewildered, I glance back at the man beside me.
       “Do you see any bomb here?” he asks, a furious expression on his face. “‘Cause I don’t.” All his patience is gone.
       Just then, a voice buzzes on the General’s walkie-talkie. “- an infiltrator merely trying to create a diversion as a plan by his camp to attack your unit. By all means, capture this soldier. By-”
       “Over. Don’t worry, Ron,” the General interrupts. “We already have. Over.” He cuts the transmission line.
       Before I can speak, he turns to my captor. “Jackson, get this traitor to the cells. We’re going to attack.” He gets up as Jackson pulls me onto my feet painfully.
       “Wait, this is a big misunderstanding,” I say desperately. My captor starts to drag me out of the office. “I’m innocent. I’ve been tricked!”
       The General replies calmly, “I think we all know who’s been tricked.” He salutes.
       My mind is one confused blur as I’m thrown inside a prison ward. I had been deceived by own unit. I’m not in any fault. I had merely been trying to prevent trouble. 
       I hear a static-filled buzz again from somewhere nearby. Jackson’s monologue is clear, “Over. We have him captive, sir. Our method of luring him into our camp worked. Over.”
       “Over. Tell the General to inform the rookie’s unit. We’ll have them down before they even realize what’s happening. Over.”


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