Pumpkin Carving Gone Wrong

You’re attending an annual pumpkin-carving party with your friends when one of them stands up and makes a shocking announcement. Start your story with the announcement and end with “And that’s how I got my head stuck in the pumpkin.”

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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35 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving Gone Wrong

  1. CharleneTurner

    Hannah had never been the most appreciative or understanding person, but then again, neither had I. Needless to say, we never really got along. So when she stood up on Halloween and announced that she was getting married to my ex-boyfriend, I was more then a little bit cheesed. She had, of course chosen the perfect moment to announce this, right after I won first place for my Jack O’Lantern. She couldn’t even let me have the spotlight for two minutes. I cornered her, about fifteen minutes later by the table with the prize-winning Jack O’Lanterns, mine included.

    “You bitch!” I said. She looked taken aback, a look she’d mastered at faking back in eleventh grade.

    “Now what did I ever do to you?” She had the kind of face that could always convey innocence, so I knew if I did anything, I would be the one looking like a monster. But I was mad and at that point I didn’t really care.

    “What didn’t you do? Every time I accomplish something you just have to out shine me.” She looked around, waiting for some one to notice how “horrible” I was being so they could come and rescue her. What a princess.

    “Look Casey,” she said, her voice dripping with a fake honey sweetness, “I’m sorry mom liked me better. It’s not my fault You suck at everything.” At this point, Hannah’s fiancee, Kevin walked up.

    “Everything okay over here?” He asked gently, putting his arm around Hannah’s shoulders.

    “It’s just fine dear. I was just congratulating Casey on her win. Could you go get us some punch?” Kevin walked away towards the snack bar. Hannah turned back on me and lowered her voice. “Not only am I prettier and smarter then your, but I also got the boy. Looks like I’m Cinderella. That leaves you the role of the ugly step-sister.” That was the last straw. I pushed her into the Jack O’Lantern table. Her face took on a panicked loo and she flailed her arms, trying desperately to keep her balance. Unfortunately, all this succeeded in doing was making her look like a duck. She fell, knocking two of the pumpkins off the end. Mine was still standing, but not for long. Hannah grabbed it and shoved it down hard. And that’s how I got my head stuck in a pumpkin.

  2. Chadster

    A week before Halloween, my friends at Stanford and I decided to carve pumpkins in an ironic gesture. At the best we might come off as ironic and funny to a few carefully invited girls, and at worse we figured we would wind up playing with knives and fire for one night, so really what could go wrong? However when the seven of us are gathering our stencils and carvers and of course a few Milwaukee’s best, that’s when Steven decided to stand up and shock us.
    “Guy,” He said, “I am changing schools.”
    “Are you kidding me?” I asked stunned. “Don’t you remember how hard it was to get in here?”
    Steven nodded. He was always the weird one in our group. He had helped plan this pumpkin caring with the three of us guys, yet he was the only one that didn’t invite a girl. He was a chubby guy, generally prone to being shy, except with us, and not terribly unique. We had met at the beginning of the school year, both freshmen new to the bay, I was from Modesto, he was from Fresno. We had bonded over traditional nerd culture, a love of video games, math, and Linux.
    “So where are you going?” Asked Amrik.
    “I have decided to join the Palo Alto School of Dance.”
    I was just finishing removing the top part of my own pumpkin, and upon hearing this stood up immediately knocking my beer onto it’s side. “What on earth are you talking about!?”
    “Ballet. Jazz, I even want to Rumba!”
    “Isn’t that the vacuum thing?” Asked Siri, the girl Amrik has invited.
    “No,” He explained. “The Rumba is one of the most amazing sensual dances. The other night while I was working on my project for Comp Sci a show on dance came on. It was so graceful, so amazing, and the women. Wow. I don‘t want to spend my life in from of a computer screen. I want to go on tour and dance in all the best cities with all the best women.”
    “How can you get from being you to being a dancer?” I asked as I pulled a handful of goop and seeds from my pumpkin.
    “I actually did some dance before.” He explained. “Back home my parents had wanted to socialize me and they stuck me in dance. At first I hated it. I was one of the most popular dancers for a while, so much so I won the hear of the beautiful Paula. She was two years older than me. For an Eighth Grade boy, it doesn’t get much better.”
    He got up and showed us some of his moves. I couldn’t look away until he stopped, then as I reached for the scrapper to clean out the inside of my pumpkin I said. “Well that’s not bad. So what happened some kind of sport’s injury keep you from going professional.”
    “It was more than not bad.” Brit said. “Steven you were so amazing.”
    I had invited Brit. Steven seemed not to notice the look I gave him as he thanked her and received much the same comments from the other two girls, and the same expressions from the other two guys.
    “So why have you never danced before?” Brit asked.
    “Yeah, how come instead your… you”
    “Paula.” He said. “She paid attention to me for like a month, We ate lunch together, hung out a bit after class, then she discovered some eleventh grader, this guy would pick her up in his car and they would laugh and joke. In a week they were a couple.”
    “Sounds like you didn’t make your move soon enough.”
    “Not a mistake I will make again. I dropped out of dance pretty soon after that. No injury, but I didn’t want to be there anymore. I had been there long enough that my parents did care about forcing me to go anymore. Instead I started staying up late messing with JavaScript, HTML, the stuff behind the websites.”
    “That’s so sad.” Brit and Steven were the only one here that had stopped carving altogether. I was just about ready to carve a face in mine when I realized that the night called for more than a little Halloween nostalgia. This was one of those moments in a man’s life where he has to stand his ground or it wouldn’t matter who had invited Brit, she would only remember Steven. I would not let that happen.
    “I might come with you Steven.” I lied. I stood up abandoning my pumpkin and handing the knife off to Amrik. “I happen to have a few moves myself.”
    The truth was I had no idea what I was doing, I hopped I could make up for lack of practice with desperation, and lust. My chances with Brit depended on it.
    I quickly stood up and took the place of Steven, who quietly sat down to watch. I bowed slightly to my audience of 6 people, and 7 pumpkins, only two of which already had eyes, and Steven’s had not been touched at all. After this I took a wild leap in my best ballet impression. My plan was to do a half spin and stick it facing away from my audience, hopefully able to turn gracefully back. When I landed, however I landed one footed on a recently excavated pile of pumpkin seeds. I slipped and fell backwards, I could hear the shouts, but couldn’t see where I was landing. And that is how I got my head stuck in a pumpkin.

  3. mchesnek

    “Attention everyone! My Aunt Gretchen is joining us this year for our annual pumpkin carving contest! She is a licensed and practicing voodoo witch and is here to give a demonstration on casting spells and to have a little fun with some of our contestants…Please join me in welcoming her!” Applause is heard throughout the crowd and a majestic dark figure seems to float across the room to the center stage. “Thank you for the warm welcome you little stinking, dispicable…I mean talented and adorable young carving contestants. It is my pleasure to be here with you today and I announce that I will also be a judge for the contest, so DON’T disappoint me or I’ll turn you into a mangy, hairless alleycat! Muhaahahahaha! Only joking kids, let’s start the contest!” There were a few worried glances here and there but for the most part the carving mahem began. The floor was soon slimy with pumpkin guts and seeds and there was a bitter and very distinct odor in the air of sliced pumpkin rinds. One would expect the room to be filled with laughter and pumpkin shenanigans but who could even crack a smile with Aunt Grethen lurking about and peering over your shoulder? No, every carver was in serious, work mode, taking their time with each and every detail. Last year’s winner, making no mistake at letting everyone know this little fact, proudly wore his blue ribbon on his lapel. Sporting a tan and ivory tuxedo, some would call him a little overdressed but to Aunt Grethen, he was the model of Halloween perfection. An hour and a half later, the pumpkins were now impressively jack-o-lanterns and were ready for their harsh and wildly anticipated critiques. Each sport was nervously standing with their hands clasped behind their backs and their chest puffed out, showing confidence and pride as they stood by their grandiose work. The light began to dim and you could hear the slow but exact clip-clops of the witch’s heeled boots on the hardwood gymnasium floor. She started at one end of an aisle of tables, walking with a slight sway and almost comedic style of a prance. All the while, she sneered at each competitor as she walked by, tipping her glasses off her nose as she peered straight through the faces of the carved pumpkins. By voodoo magic, the fire from the candle inside the pumpkin would squelcher out if the witch should disapprove of the workmanship of the carpenter. Twelve pumpkins down, only three fires still alit. As she turned the corner to begin another aisle, my heart began to drop in my chest. I’ve never been a great carver, or even a semi-good carver, in fact I am horrible. I keep hoping one of these years, I will get better with practice. As the witch stopped at my entry, she let out a horrifying gasp of disappointment, threw up her hands and brought them crashing down onto my skull. I fell to the floor and wriggle in pain. I realized that I was no longer me, but a mangy, hairless alleycat. I ran around frantically either due to shock or because my scabby, inflamed body was writhing with the itchies! All of the kids were jumping out of my way, scared and surprised at my fate. I ran straight into a half carved pumpkin and curled up in fright. I heard the announcer demand for me to be immediately changed back into my original form, I began to creep out, feet first and suddenly, “bam!” I’m back to my original size. Of course my WHOLE body was not quite out of the dark! And that, my friends, is how I got my head stuck in a pumpkin!

  4. kpwriter623

    “He’s here,” my friend Sabrina announced. Without warning, the lights went out. No one dared to say a word. The silence was deafening.

    Suddenly, a flashlight flickered on, illuminating the face of a stranger. This man was standing next to Sabrina, his eyes analyzing our puzzled faces. The glow from his flashlight caused our abandoned jack-o-lanterns to cast eerie shadows around the room. Pumpkin guts and mush were strewn everywhere. But no one noticed; everyone was concentrated on the stranger in our midst.

    “My story takes place five years ago. It was a night like tonight, ” he began. “There was a full moon. We had gotten together Halloween night to carve pumpkins, just like you are at this moment. The party started without incident. We were all in costume, giddily chatting amongst ourselves.” By this time, I was on the edge of my seat. There was something about the tone of his deep, smooth voice that enticed me. From his eyes, I could tell there was more to learn.

    “But then we heard a scream come from upstairs. I felt her terror in my very core, her blood curling scream echoing in my mind. One of my friends, Steve, volunteered to go inspect the sound. Steve grabbed a flashlight from the kitchen and headed up the stairs. Once he disappeared, there was only silence. In my head, I hoped it was someone playing a prank. But in my heart, I knew that no one could scream like that if they weren’t terrified for their life.

    “Minutes passed and there was still no sound from upstairs. But no one else dared to go after Steve. Then, there was another scream. But this time, it was Steve’s scream we heard. I had never heard Steve sound so terrified.

    “There was loud rustling above us for a few moments, followed by a thud. Then there was silence.” The story teller paused for a moment. His eyes slowly locked with each of ours before he continued with the story. “My friends and I were frozen, glued to where we sat. We didn’t know what to do.

    “Without warning, something rolled down the stairs. It hit each and every step with a piercing thump. It sounded as if a bowling ball was plummeting down the staircase. Another of my friends rose and walked towards the noise. We could see the terror fill his eyes. ‘It’s Steve,’ he mumbled. ‘It’s his head.’

    “Our attention stood turned to the kitchen doorway, where Steve’s body was standing with a pumpkin sewn to his neck and an evil face carved into the pumpkin, illuminated by a candle. Steve’s body moved towards us.

    And that’s how he came to have his head stuck in the pumpkin. Or, rather, that’s how he came to have a pumpkin instead of his head. And now, these jack-o-lanterns before you are ready to claim their bodies.” Suddenly someone began descending the staircase. Then the flashlight went off, once again engulfing us in darkness.

  5. NYpeaches

    Mine was more like a thousand words so I only posted the beginning here and the rest on my blog site. (link at the bottom) Comments and Critiques welcome!

    “Hey everyone, seeing as we are rarely all together like this I was hoping I could make a quick announcement.” The casual conversation simmers to a lull and all eyes focus on Janey who is wearing an old pair of overalls and a plain black t-shirt. She has a carving knife in one hand and a pumpkin with a very intricate design is set in front of her on the table but she has yet to puncture the surface. Janey turns slightly pale as the room focuses its attention on her and she proceeds with a little less confidence. “Every year we get together to carve pumpkins; some of us come to exercise our creative spirit and some of us come to take our daily frustrations out on inanimate objects, others are just here for the pumpkin ale…” The room laughs politely and eyes start to shift wondering why Janey has suddenly become an amateur comedian and where this announcement is going to lead. My eyes don’t shift away from the man to Janey’s right, Michael. Michael is Janey’s boyfriend of two years and the love of my life.

    If you were to ask me a month ago I would have told you that I would never be the other woman and neither would any other self respecting woman; but sometimes life is a lot more complicated than that. Neither of us had planned it, we just both happened to be decompressing at the same bar one night. Nothing had happened and yet everything in my life has changed. Since that night there hasn’t been a day that I have gone without talking to Michael and rarely a moment that I have gone without thinking about him. We had shared intimate details and desires and secrets that we had never told anyone else. I was certain that Michael felt as strongly for me as I did for him but his situation was more complicated. It was not that he no longer cared for Janey, it was that after we had made such a strong and undeniable connection there was no way that what he had with Janey could even compare.

    To finish reading please go to:

  6. Dennis Wright

    It was a long time ago. Back when I was in my twenties and still believed in a few things. Now have grown old and cynical, but back then I had a questioning mind. My friend Roy and I were interested in civic affairs and tended also to get abit animated in these discussions.

    We were in Roy’s kitchen one fall afternoon. I was looking at a row of Screamin’ Yellow Zonkers boxes, each completely empty and stacked neatly along an exposed cupboard on the wall. Roy was carving a pumpkin for halloween. He was working with broad strokes and attempting to carve a likeness of the town mayor, his honorable Mr. Doit Myway.

    “The mayor is all wrong about the water plan” Roy said the third time before he added,

    “Troy are you listening?”

    I took my gaze from the wall and responded, “I’ve been listening all along.”

    “No you haven’t. What have I been talking about?”

    That question brought my attention to the pumpkin.

    “You’re carving a pumpkin to look like the mayor.” I said, and then misidentified the Mayor by using the name of his predecessor, his honorable Dewey Disordat.

    Roy just stared at me.

    “Oh,” I said. “I meant the new mayor Dew Droppin”.

    After another stare I guessed right the mayor was named Doit Myway.

    “The mayor has it wrong on the water plan” Roy said. He wants to dig a little pond out by Riven Lake when we need a much larger lake up on Mount Risenhigh” Roy went on.

    “What do you think, Troy?” he asken.

    “Yes Indeed,” I said. “A small lake on Mount Riven rather than a large lake one on the Risenhigh River” I said.

    “No,” Roy said. “You have it backwards” he went on. “What is with your mind?” he asked with more than a little annoyance.

    “I was wondering one thing. ” I said. “Do you have a full box of Screamin’ Yellow Zonkers?” I asked.

    It was then the pumpkin landed on my head.

  7. onaway

    I showed up at the party reluctantly sober anticipating a massacre and was not disappointed. The pumpkins were out on tables in rows under the lights in the hanger and we all sat on the benches at the tables and smoked and drank. At midnight our host stood at the head of the banquet table and we all gathered in our seats to listen to his speech. It was in Latin and gibberish which I only understood half of as my hearing was slurred by the alcohol.
    “This year the treat for me is to trick you all into surviving the night. Only two of you will be allowed to leave here. If there are more than two of you alive at sunrise, none of you will leave. Good luck.” There was an explosion of a smoke cloud and he had vanished. There was also the gasping and murmuring associated with such a shocking announcement to a mass of people. I casually laughed this all off and poured myself another drink. And that’s how I got my head stuck in a pumpkin.

  8. Brazen Princess

    “I once had sex with my boss on his desk,” my new friend, Audrey said, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. The silence that followed was deafening.

    I looked up from my serrated knife, midway through cutting a toothless smile, to see who she was talking to. God help us all, she was in a loud chat with Doris, my friend, Amy’s grandmother.

    Doris raised her eyebrows, but didn’t look so shocked. The rest of us, however, were.

    “Uh-oh,” Audrey said, looking around. “How loud did I say that?”

    “Pretty loud,” I said, over my glasses. I felt responsible for bringing in my progressive friend who I shopped for organic produce with to my church group’s annual pumpkin-carving party. Who knows what kind of stoning could happen here, or to me later, when the whole story was re-told.

    Doris seemed surprised that everyone heard, and I realized that Audrey’s volume was on purpose: so that Doris could hear. What the hell had they been talking about??

    Amy broke the silence, her pumpkin nearly finished. She had been practicing a new technique, a gorgeous Asian carving style. While my pumpkins hadn’t changed in style since the fourth grade, Amy’s carving looked good enough to display in a museum: a dragon silhouette, with white orange and negative spaces perfectly balanced.

    “What are you guys talking about?” she said, angrily. Apparently, she didn’t lay the blame squarely on my friend for causing such attention to fall on our table.

    “Nothing, dear,” Doris, said, returning to her pumpkin carving. Audrey looked at me, apologetically.

    “Gran,” Amy persisted, “Maybe this is a discussion you should have in private?” She seemed absolutely furious.

    “Sorry, folks,” Audrey said to the room, “Just came out! We were talking about our most adventurous escapades, and I guess I just shared too much.”

    Please shut up, I thought, trying to return to pumpkin carving in my embarrassment. I could feel a giggle attack coming on, though…and I knew those bothered Amy normally, now it may send her over the edge.

    “And the most I ever did was sex on the beach after VJ day!” Doris said out loud to everyone.

    That did it. We all burst into laughter – all except Amy who looked like she would blow a gasket from her red-faced anger.

    I looked up at her, as she glared at her grandma, now the room’s hero for such liberating laughter. Amy looked down at me with angry superiority that made me guffaw even louder.

    And that’s how I got my head stuck in the pumpkin.

  9. Icabu

    Eighteen-year-old Jeremy looked at his group of friends. They had been together since sixth grade and would soon graduate. He wasn’t sure how the guys would take his announcement, but he knew Lisa was eager to release their news.

    “Hey, guys,” Jeremy said. They were scattered around in a loose circle, newspapers spread in front of them with pumpkins in various stages of carving. Most of their chatter continued.

    “What’s up, Jer?” Matt asked.

    “We,” he pulled Lisa tight against him, “have an announcement to make.”

    “Oooh, you’re engaged!” Tammy, Kevin’s current girlfriend, shrieked.

    “Not exactly,” Jeremy said. “We eloped last night. We’re married.”

    “Ooooh,” Tammy said, breathlessly. She sank down to the floor.

    Silence enveloped the group. Everyone stared at the narrow gold bands on Lisa’s and Jeremy’s left ring fingers.

    “When’d you do that?” Kevin asked.

    “Never mind when,” Matt said, “why’d you do that?”

    “I know it’s kind of crazy.” Jeremy shrugged. “We did it last night – because we love each other and wanted to be together.”

    “Her dad isn’t gonna like this,” Brad warned.

    Jeremy swallowed hard. “That’s why we eloped. We knew her dad wouldn’t agree to the marriage. We ended up at Pastor Thompson’s at two this morning. He did the ceremony anyway.”

    “Oh, my gosh,” Amy, the Pastor’s daughter, said. “You’re the Pumpkin Head my dad was talking about today.”

    “Pumpkin Head?” Brad echoed Amy. “This I gotta hear.”

    “Yeah,” Jeremy said, sheepishly. “Not everything went well last night.”

    Jeremy found the ladder in the bushes by the garage just as Lisa had said. He rested it against the planter box under Lisa’s bedroom window. Halfway up the ladder, he heard Lisa open the window and let out a short yelp. Something heavy hit him on the head and everything went dark.

    Holding tight and slightly disoriented, Jeremy felt the ladder wobble as Lisa stepped out onto it.

    “Back down, Jeremy,” Lisa whispered. “I can’t help you on the ladder.”

    Carefully, Jeremy eased his way back to solid ground. His reached up to his head – something encased it. It felt like some kind of flower pot.

    Lisa giggled. “I didn’t know my parents put a jack-o-lantern on the window box. I knocked it off when I opened the window.” She giggled more. “I can’t believe it landed on your head.”

    “Get it off, it’s heavy,” Jeremy said in a low growl.

    “Shhh,” Lisa cautioned. She tugged on the giant pumpkin.

    “Owww!” Jeremy pushed her hands away. “I think my nose is bleeding.”

    “Come on!” Lisa took Jeremy’s hand and pulled him across the yard. “Dad’s raiding the fridge.”

    Jeremy stumbled behind her, blindly. She stuffed him into the backseat of his car and drove to Pastor Thompson’s. It took the Pastor fifteen minutes to cut the pumpkin off him, then he had to shower and finally he got to marry Lisa.

    Jeremy looked at his friends one at a time. “And that’s how I got my head stuck in the pumpkin.”

  10. Countrymom

    No one could have predicted what happened next, in retrospect, it’s really quite humorous but I sincerely wish it hadn’t been me. As I stepped up Lexie pulled the pumpkin one way but she lost her grip. As Lexie lost her grip Heather pulled the pumpkin another way and it flew through the air. Up and over the side of the table and straight for me. The next few minutes seemed to be in slow motion. I looked up just as the pumpkin came down towards my head and that’s how I got my head stuck in the pumpkin.

    Everything went silent. I wasn’t sure if the silence was due to the pumpkin now securely wedged upon my head, or if everyone was shocked at what had happened. I felt a tug and the pumpkin farmer appeared as he removed the pumpkin from my head. I starred at Lexie and Heather. They stood in silence as they starred back at my hair now covered in pumpkin guts.

    “Why?” I asked. Not a word was uttered. I told them that I had earned the pumpkin by default. They both begrudgingly agreed. That’s how I got the prize pumpkin that won the blue ribbon in the annual Halloween pumpkin carving contest.

    My complete story line is found here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/9051977/the_blue_ribbon_prize.html?cat=44

  11. John

    “A pumpkin carving contest! Really?” I couldn’t believe my wife was recommending that we go to the neighborhood fair and compete in the pumpkin carving contest, but rather than being the grinch who stole Halloween, or some such, I agreed to play. We called our grandson Jack in from the yard and told him our plans. He gave us an eye roll, but I assured him it would be fun.

  12. McDurken

    “10 years ago today, I saw the Great Pumpkin!”
    A collective groan arose from his friends. The classical piano that had been filling the room suddenly fell silent.

    “I thought your parents paid good money for therepy?” said the young blonde to Mrs. Pen. She just dropped her head and sighed.

    The eyes in front of him were a sea of emotion’s. Anger, confusion and pity. “But I DID! He came out on Holloween, He had a large pumpking head!” Akward silence filled the room. When, like a shot in the night, typewriter rang out in the silence. As if from nowhere a sheet of paper appeared being handed by a small white furry hand, the owner hidden behind a table cloth, and the young man took it.

    “It had been a dark and stormy night….. The local parties had been rife with beautiful woman and spiked milk bowls, which helped the memories of the previous battle fade. When all of a sudden a low flying biplane shook the bar. I knew then I was being mocked and would not stand for it.

    I gave chase after the Red Baron. Mimicking his every move, staying on his tale though the rain. Knowing I didn’t have much time I attempted a risky manuevre over the old pumpkin patch. Unfortunetly I had seen the bottom of 1 too many bowls and misjudged my abilites that night. As I flew up into the night sky in persuit my plane stalled and pitched towards the ground. I bailed at the last second but had gotten tangled in my shoot on the way down. I came in fast and upside down….”

    The young man’s eyes grew wide and glossy, tears threatening to flow. Suddenly he longed to be home with his blanket…

    “and that’s how I got my head stuck in the pumpkin.”

  13. chopper

    With my half carved pumpkin in hand, I squeezed my way through a sea of friends gathered in the dining room and searched the crowd for Lynn. I found her in the kitchen placing the last bit of garnish on a plate of deviled eggs. “Hey,” I said with a quick kiss on her cheek. “Oh, hey! I’m so glad you came. I have a surprise for you,” she said as she grabbed my hand and whisked me off to a quiet corner. I had hoped the surprise was her famous pistachio cupcakes. Instead, her announcement was nowhere near as sweet.

    “Look Paige, I know you’ve been down lately, so I took the liberty of inviting Daryl.”

    “What? Lynn, Nooo,” I whined.

    “Now, come on. Let’s be adults about this. You’re miserable and so is he since you two broke up.”

    “You shouldn’t have done that,” I angrily replied.

    “You all just need to talk. You both still love each other and there’s nothing either of you can do about it.”

    “Oh, yes there is—I’m leaving,” I said as I retrieved my pumpkin and headed for the door. I was almost there when the door sprang open and in walked Daryl. We both froze, as our eyes met and locked on each other. His handsome face and chiseled body still had the ability to render me weak.

    “I—I didn’t know you’d be here,” he said.

    “Likewise. I was just leaving.” Just as I tried to go around him to exit, he grabbed my arm and held it.

    “Paige please! As long as we’re here, we might as well talk. I can’t stop thinking about you or the last time we were together.”

    Why did he have to bring up our last encounter together? Truth be told, it was all that had been on my mind too. If only he wasn’t moving away to attend grad school. I had done the long distance thing once before and couldn’t bear to go through that with him. So, I figured we were better off apart.

    “Come on, let’s talk,” he said. The next thing I knew, I was being dragged off to God knows where, while I held on to my neglected pumpkin. We ended up in Lynn’s dimly lit bedroom. He shut the door and I placed my pumpkin on the floor.

    “Daryl, there’s nothing to talk about.”

    “Are you kidding me? I still love you and I know you feel the same way about me.”

    “No, I don’t. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” I said.

    “Okay, if you really mean that, then you won’t be affected by this…”

    He took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. My mind urged me to resist, but my body yielded to him like a bicycle to an oncoming locomotive train. The next thing I knew, we were on Lynn’s bed with his pants unzipped, my skirt around my ankles and his free hand rummaging through Lynn’s night stand in search of a condom. He finally found one and began struggling to open it. The heat was so intense between us that I tried to speed up the process by helping him get the wrapper open. With great anticipation, we wrestled with the condom wrapper until the condom finally came flying out.

    “Oh no…where did it go?” I asked, looking around.

    “I think it went in your pumpkin,” he said laughing.

    I leaned over the side of the bed to see for myself, and that’s how I got my head stuck in the pumpkin.

  14. cpozsonyi

    “AAAAAAAH!” A horrible, blood-curdling scream pierced through the room and every head snapped up in its direction. For a split moment, nothing happened as my friend Megan sat, coupled-over, in her chair rocking back and forth. Johnny, another friend of mine, also known as the town clown because he can never be taken seriously, began to scream and shout, “OH MY GOD! SHE CUT HER FINGER OFF!” I, in my right mind, would never have believed him, until gasps and cries came from all the people sitting around them. Megan was holding her hand and blood was oozing between her fingers.
    In my mind, all I could think about was how October 20, 2000 had been as normal and boring a day, as they come. The air was cool and crisp, the town was coloured in orange, black, and white; ghosts hung from trees on front lawns, witches and cauldrons and pitch-black nights were painted on store fronts, cobwebs and spiders were in practically every corner of people’s front porches with pumpkin stickers on the windows, and kids and adults alike were excited about picking the perfect pumpkin for the annual pumpkin party, a party that no one in town ever missed. Yes, it was a normal day, until Megan lost her finger.
    She screamed for people to stay away from her, “DON’T TOUCH ME! DON’T COME NEAR ME!” I thought to myself, ‘is this really my sweet Megan Leonard talking like that?’ As Johnny stood nearby screaming, “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” And as people became more hysterical, I bound to my feet, but then, stopped dead in my tracks. I was not prepared for what happened next. Johnny had a small knife in his hand and as he moved in to help Megan, he tripped on the leg of the chair he was sitting on and as he fell to the floor, in slow-motion-like action, he threw his hands in front of him to brace himself from the fall. Terrified of what was happening, people began to edge away, others cried, “Call for help!” Johnny wasn’t moving. Blood began to creep along like a small river from beneath his face. Megan began to scream harder, “AAAAAH! THE KNIFE IS IN HIS FACE!”
    Everyone was screaming. I was screaming. I ran to help my friends. I couldn’t just sit by and do nothing. As I was running, Megan and Johnny jumped up and started laughing as they yelled, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” It was all a prank. In the shock, I tripped over Mrs. Bloomfield’s feet and did a flying leap on to her party’s table and, that’s how I got my head stuck in a pumpkin.

  15. sns3guppy

    When Pitkin first raised his hand and opened his mouth wide, I thought he was stretching. I had no idea he planned to speak, but the room went silent and he stood.

    “Some of you know me, some of you do not.” He began. Right then and there, I didn’t want to know him either. I wished for invisibility. “Those of you who do not may leave, but I have something to say to those who think they know me.” He glared around the studio with an accusing sharpness that I’d only seen when he drank heavily.

    I bit down on my tongue and stood with my weight even on both feet. I unlocked my knees. I didn’t want to get stuck in the line of fire, no matter what came out of his mouth.

    “Every one of you pathetic piss-heads can suck a goat, so far as I’m concerned. I know what you all did, and your shame couldn’t possibly cover you enough.” He spat, not carefully, catching Twig’s hair with a droplet, and wiped his beard against his sleeve. “You don’t think I know? I know! I know damn well what a bunch of traitorous, back-stabbing sons and bitches you are.”

    Pitkin might have known, but I didn’t have a clue what he was on about. Two moments ago we were in the midst of a fine hallows eve concert, metal and tears, and I felt mellow. Now not so much, but I could see his hands shake, and I stepped back. He was going to explode. I had no idea what he’d say next, so eyed the green EXIT sign and sized up the distance.

    He said nothing. His aim was poor, however, as he heaved a large carved orange gourd and hurled at Kelsey, by the drum rack. It smashed into a snare and sent it skittering along the floor, broken wood and clattering keys. Drummond racked back his fist and cocked Pitkin cold in the face. He toppled into me, and I eased him to the stage before returning a blow to Drummond. He fell back, hard, into the orchestra, with a resounding crash. I took two hits from the left; I never saw them coming, then ducked a third.

    Betty Sykes burst into tears, mascara streaming down her cheeks in torrential rivulets, turning her into a ghoul. Then I knew; it must be true. Anika fixed her with a deathly stare from stage left, and the cat leapt from its bag. Stupid Pitkin, stupid Sykes. I wouldn’t have guessed until he opened his gaping trap. A fourth blow caught me from the right, one meant for Pitkin as he staggered up, and I took him down when I fell. Somewhere between the fourth hit and me hitting the wooden floor, hell broke loose and the room began to fight. No more chance for the exit. Someone picked up a large jack 0’lantern, and that’s how I got my head stuck in the pumpkin.

  16. lady shallot

    The wind is howling. All the street lights have gone dark. I can’t see my hands in front of me. I hear a cat screech behind me. I start to run. My throat is closing up. I feel like my chest is going to explode. Why did I even go out tonight? I wish I was at home instead of running down this blasted street. The sidewalk is sinking and feels cushioned. Something hits my knee hard and I fall forward. Skinny boney arms are wrapped around me. I struggle to get loose. A flashlight beam shines in front of me. I’m next to a headless scarecrow. And that’s how I got a pumpkin on my head!!!

  17. tlcall01

    “I’m asking Rick for a divorce.” Shannon stood in the middle of us, carving knife in hand. While the children ran around us, none of the moms stirred. We all sat staring, mouths agape, carving knives paused mid-air. Beth, who had her arms elbow-deep in pumpkin guts, finally broke the tension. “What??? Why??? You and Rick seem so solid. You’re like… like… the couple of the neighborhood.”

    “Humph,” Shannon responded letting out a puff of air, “It’s more like Rick is the MAN of the neighborhood. I found out he’s been cheating on me with Stella Warren, Bobby’s wife. Apparently Stella and Bobby are swingers. You know those parties they throw? Well, I guess after the kids go to bed, things get pretty interesting. I thought Rick was going just to hang out with Bobby and Jack. I guess he’s not only ‘hanging out’ with Bobby and Jack, but their wives too. And who knows how many others. I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid,” her face crumpled as she dropped her knife to the ground.

    “There, there,” Beth stood, wiping her hands on her jeans and wrapping them around her, patting her back. Shannon laid her head on Beth’s shoulder and cried silently. After a few minutes, she stood back, wiped her face and said, “I’m sorry.” Composing herself she added, “It’s just all a bit overwhelming. How could he do this to me? To us?” She motioned toward her children who were clamoring around on an old wagon. She bent to retrieve her dropped carving knife.

    No one said a thing as Shannon gazed off into the pumpkin patch, emotions playing across her face.
    “How did you find out?” Missy’s voice sounded small and unsure. Shannon turned back toward the group, “Jack’s wife, Anne, actually let it slip. I guess she thought I knew about it already, and she was wondering if I was going to join them. Can you believe it?” she snorted.

    “Is it that bad really? After all, they did invite you… well, after the fact,” Missy added. “And it was mutual consent.” Shannon rounded on her, “Mutual consent??? I didn’t consent to anything! I didn’t even know about it!!! And HAD I known, I certainly wouldn’t have been agreeable to it!”

    “Oh,” said Missy, ducking her head back down over her pumpkin. That’s when I noticed several others duck their heads too, pretending to be engrossed in their carving. Silence filled the air like a balloon ready to burst.

    “I swear,” Shannon boomed, slicing through the tension. “I should hack off that big cock of his,” angrily brandishing the carving knife in front of her.

    “It’s really not that big,” I retorted, my mouth moving before my brain could engage. Again, the air thickened.

    Shannon stared at me, wide-eyed. She moved faster than my mind could register. When it did, I tried moving from where I was sitting, but it was too late.

    And that’s how I got my head stuck in the pumpkin.

    1. cpozsonyi

      LOL! I know a situation like this should be one of those moments where women say, “UGH! All men are dogs,” but sitting in the public space where I am at this moment, laughed out loud at ‘it’s really not that big.’ I was not expecting that. People looked at me to see what was so funny. Great little twist!

  18. AvakinsGem

    We all knew it’s rude to stare, but Adam’s announcement was so perturbing we couldn’t help it. Wide eyed and open mouths very much matching the pumpkin faces we’d just carved. Someone let out a nervous giggle, it sounded like the Mayor Deb.
    “Really?” Adam glared at us all, his narrow gaze sweeping from right to left, “I tell you all you’re going to die and this is the reaction I get?”
    Again all we could do was stare. Unable to account for everyone else’s thoughts, I for one figured he was back on dope. Until he grabbed Mayor Deb, who was frozen in place with a stupid facial expression and the blue ribbon still held out to mark Adam’s pumpkin number one, and dipped her in his arms. He winked at me before his mouth stretched open revealing sharp canines. He sunk them into her neck, a scream blocked the sickening slurping noise and was followed by many more.
    We ran, a jumble of bodies trying to move as quickly as possible to safety. I saw Mr. Bradley, the highschool principal, overcome a young boy only to be charged from the side by a stranger. As Mr. Bradley rolled to his side, the stranger bit into his side, sucking with a look of ecstasy. My stomach churned with fear and disgust. I turned and ran back towards the stage, intendig I don’t know what. My foot caught on one of the cracked bricks of Town Square and sent me colliding into a table covered with jack o’ lanterns. And that’s how I got my head stuck in a pumpkin.

      1. CharleneTurner

        Why? Other then a couple grammar errors, it was really good. I like the premise and the mystery at the beginning. Just stretch it out a little bit.

  19. pstivers

    Every Halloween my girlfriend Stacy’s family hosts a pumpkin carving costume party. I love going to them for three reasons. One, I love Halloween; two, her family is super cool and they actually like me; and three, virtually everyone else that comes to the party are her hot friends. The guy to girl ratio is like six to one! This year I thought I’d hook my friend Jerry up and have him tag along. He’s cool for the most part, but he’s a complete idiot when dealing with girls. He showed up as one of those dudes from Jersey Shore, complete with spray painted abs. I was a bit more traditional in Mr. Hyde makeup with cape and hat.
    We each brought our own pumpkin. But he had already drawn and intricate web design on his. He also brought a jar.
    “I’m going to do something cool.” He said. “Once I carve out this web I’m going to put this jar of spiders inside. That way, with the candle lit, the shadows cast from the spiders moving around will create some awesome shadows.”
    I’ll admit, it sounded like a pretty good idea.
    In the den were eight six-foot folding tables arranged in horseshoe fashion. Halloween décor was all around and a classic monster movie music soundtrack completed the mood. Stacy’s parents were there to greet everyone in Addam’s Family attire. The tables were filled with pumpkins, plenty of carving equipment, trash bags and every imaginable variation of costumed hotness: witches, nurses, goddesses, scantily clad super-heroines and more! Jerry conveniently positioned himself at a table with Helen of Troy and Supergirl.
    Everything was going great for a while. I had my hands dipped in a pumpkin with Stacy’s, scooping out seeds and squishy stuff, while Jerry was actually making successful small talk with his new “friends”.
    “Everyone, I don’t want to start a panic. But there are some spiders running around loose. Big ones! If you see any of them just let me know so I can get them. Please don’t squash them.”
    In the resulting melee of girls that are stereotypically (rightly so) scared of spiders, the human wall of estrogeneous panic knocked me around as if I were in a mosh pit. At some point everything went dark, but the rush continued to carry me on. All was moist and smelled of pie.
    Outside, screams of panic began to subside. Frightful tears mixed with some giggling could now be heard from all around.
    As the momentum of the tide guided me into the crowd a moment of silence overtook the scene. Finally, one lone unidentified voice spoke out: “Look, it’s the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow!”
    And that’s how I got my head stuck in a pumpkin.

  20. Rob Barnes

    I never knew Mary’s taste for Halloween was so acrid. It’s one of my favorite holiday’s. Free candy, haunted houses and imp like mischief can frame memories you never forget.

    Who doesn’t like Halloween?

    I remember many years ago at the age of eight. My neighbor and I had a light bulb blinking above our heads.

    Mike whispered to me, “Let’s go teepee my house.”

    “Why would we teepee your house?”

    “My parents are gone, what else you want to do?”

    So we tip toed to the hallway closet and freed several roles of toilet paper suffocating in cellophane and made sure no one heard their calls for freedom by stuffing them into a ratty pillow case.

    In no time flat we arrived in front of our prey. An anciet oak tree as big as a water tower with long bony limbs, perfect for catching waves of Charmin.

    Suddenly, car tires screeched!

    Looking back over my shoulder I saw the neighbor from down the street, Mr. In Everyones’ Business, tearing up clomps of grass as he raced towards us. Mike and I locked eyes and instantly spun off in different directions.

    I raced across lawn after lawn and leapt several hedges in retreat. With one quick u-turn and several small fence clearing bounds I’d find myself in the confines of my back yard.

    My heart was pounding like a jack hammer and I could barely catch my breath.

    Then I heard the sirens…

    Mr. In Everyone’s Business had called the cop’s. “I’m going to jail for life”, I thought to myself.

    Off I went counting fence after fence as my feet safely thumped on the other side, one fence closer to home.

    Finally, I saw my fence.

    I grabbed the top of it and pulled myself over in one fluid motion.

    When I landed, I spun around like a top and tripped over a tiny version of Cujo nipping at my shoelaces.

    I grabbed a small square card table sitting next to the fence.

    Suddenly, the card table leg closest to me snapped like a pencil.

    And the pumpkin my mother carved six hours earlier rolled off the edge of the table and fell perfectly onto my head.

    And that’s how I got my head stuck in a pumpkin.

  21. Osha

    “When our parents start to judge our work, each of us will have to put the pumpkin we are entering on our head and balance it, don’t let it drop or you are disqualified from the contest.” Beatrice, the host of the party said to the other children
    When Beatrice had stood up, and loudly informed the group that she had an announcement to make, the room had fallen silent. One by one the twelve children put their tools down on the newspaper covering each participants pumkin carving area. When she was done a hand went up, she pointed and Jenny asked, “is there a theme?” “No, just try to keep it scary.” Everyone agreed, and the carving began.
    Jennifer came up with a splendid idea. She began carving. She cut off the bottom, leaving the top intact, and removed all of the seeds, putting them aside. Then she got to work carving the face., She was so excited, and hoped maybe she would win this year. She was also fairly certain that the pumpkin would not drop and disqualify her.
    As she started carving a face started to take shape. The eyes had a pleading look in them. Then she made the nose. But when she got to the mouth, she carved just enough of the orange colored peeling, to make a gag, With a grimacing lip to the top and bottom of the gag. The gag she continued to carve just through the surface around the back of the pumpkin carving it into a knot shape at the back. Then she covered it up and waited for everyone to finish so the judging could begin.
    Finally when the time came, she picked up the pumpkin and put it on her head, face first. It was just the right size so it fit like a tall chefs hat. One of the boys took one look and started to object. Beatrice, thought for a moment, then said, “well, I never said it couldn’t be placed like a hat, so it is fair”. The other children agreed with her. The boy not happy with her answer, stepped over to Jenny and popped her once on the top of the pumpkin. There was a big PLOOOP sound and the pumpkin popped over Jenny’s entire head. She fell to the ground and started trying to pull it off while screaming. Her mom in the other room heard her and ran in to see what was wrong. ”Oh My!” she exclaimed as she started trying to pull the pumpkin off her daughters head. Then Jennifer began to giggle, then her mom started to laugh too. Soon the entire room was filled with laughter.
    Later that night, she told her story to her brother. “Not only did I not loose balance, and drop it, but mine ended up being the scariest of all.“ Then as she finished the story, she pulled out her big ribbon with the number one on it. and said, “and that is how I got my head stuck in a pumpkin!”

  22. Aragedy Kilof

    The neighborhood pumpkin carve was one of my favorite events of the year. Everyone would bring their patio chairs to the Robinson’s back yard and we would all tuck into a giant pile of pumpkins and carve away for hours. For me it was an official sign that the holiday season was on its way. This year was already shaping up to be a fun night. The kids had all gone to bed and the dads were all sitting around the fire pit trying to out do each other with their pumpkins and their stories. We were working our way around the circle, each sharing a story, when we got to Harvey Grant.

    Harvey was the stereotypical neighborhood “old guy” who spent a lot of time working on his yard, taking walks with his little dog, and never really talking to anyone. Thin and gray haired, he still had an athletic build his clothes were always neatly pressed and perfectly matched. When he did stop to talk with people, he had one of those stares that saw right inside your sole. No one knew what he did before he retired on our little street, and he did not seem to want to share it, not before this year’s pumpkin carve.

    He stood up with the pumpkin in his hands, looked at what he had carved in the front, raised it up over his head, and began to laugh. Harvey turned that penetrating gaze on all of us and started with “I am going to tell you a story that you may or may not believe, and that I may get in trouble for telling. But I’m getting old and I need to share some of my past life with someone.”

    “Most of you want to know what I did before I retired here. Well, I’ll tell you. I was an operative for a clandestine branch of the National Security Agency, the NSA.” He stopped at this point and looked at all of us again, as if to gauge our reaction to this surprising statement. He went on:

    “I was the leader of a group that did the things that the other agencies never wanted to do, wouldn’t touch with a ten foot poll. We didn’t have a lot of missions, but when we did they were complicated and lasted a long time. This here pumpkin reminds me of the most dangerous, and perhaps the most important of those missions.”

    At this point he sat back down in the chair with the pumpkin in his lap, leaned forward hugging the it, and shared his story.

    “It was at the beginning of the Reagan presidency and the KGB figured early on that the policy of pushing for a military buildup would cause the collapse of their regime. They needed to end Reagan and his policies. Our intelligence gathering had detected that a sleeper cell led by Katiana Orlikov was planning an attack on the president. I went deep undercover, playing the role of a secret service agent with weaknesses that included gambling, drinking, and Russian blonds. Orlikov took it hook line and sinker and recruited me to help her with their attack. And yes, we were lovers. That part in spy novels is seldom true, but it was true this time… very true and a hell of a lot of fun.” Harvey paused and stared into the fire, his face covered with what can only be called a lecherous grin.

    “After months of planning they were going to take out the president and his whole staff at a policy meeting being held in a high school in rural Ohio. It was an egghead event with professors, policy wonks, and the presidents national security team. Only twelve people would probably watch it on C-SPAN. We had our counter-sting all set up. The plan was to delay the president just seconds before he arrived and capture Orlikov and her team.

    “Now Ronald Reagan was many things, and he was not many things that people now say he was. But one thing he truly was is folksy. As his motorcade was traveling to the high school he saw a pumpkin patch and decided he needed to stop. We all got out and followed him into the patch where he shook hands, signed autographs, and thumped pumpkins in an authoritative way, as if he was a passing pumpkin farmer stopping in to share his wisdom and knowledge.

    “We were wrapping up and headed back to the cars when Katiana came running into the patch with guns blazing. Three of her lieutenants were with her and all of Reagan’s agents were down before we knew what hit us. I was not shot because she thought I was with her on this, and I was playing along by raising my side arm towards Reagan.

    “She walked up to me, kissed me on the cheek and said ‘Sorry for the change of plans darling, but we need to seize opportunity when it comes to us. You can have the honor if you would like.’

    “I looked at Reagan and he looked back at me with such a disproving stare I almost crumbled. But instead I raised my gun to his face, took a deep breath, said to him ‘Sorry Mr. President’ and let my training kick in. I kicked Katiana in the gut and sent her and her gun tumbling while simultaneously getting off six quick shots. Her backup was not very smart and they had been standing together right behind Reagan, right in my line of site. They each went down with two rounds in their heads before they knew what was going on.

    “I spun and looked for Katiana where she had fallen and she was gone. Her gun had been thrown into a bail of hay and still sat there. As I scanned for her I heard a noise behind me. Before I could turn I knew she was coming and the only thing I could do was hope she didn’t have a knife or some other weapon. Instead of a sharp pain in my back, I felt something large but soft come down on my head. My nostrils were filled with the stench of wet pumpkin and I had to struggle to keep my feet as she crammed a giant pumpkin on my head. I literally saw stars as I continued to spin and at the same time reach into the small of my back and pulled out my fighting knife. Using the momentum of my turning and trusting in dumb luck I lashed out and felt the knife hit home in soft flesh. As I followed through I heard a gurgling sound followed by the distinctive thunk of a falling body.

    “I ended up on my knees, still disoriented and dazed. And still blinded by the pumpkin. I felt someone tugging on it, and with a lot of wiggling it came free of my head. There, standing before me was Ronald Reagan, holding a pumpkin over his head. His face was covered with that huge grin of his”

    Harvey paused for a second and looked at the face of his pumpkin. He stood up and turned it around to show a perfect likeness of Ronald Reagan, smiling that “Great Communicator” smile. He showed off the pumpkin proudly and said “And that gentlemen is how I saved Ronald Reagan’s life, probably thwarted the Soviet’s last good chance to win the cold war, and ended up with my head stuck in a pumpkin.”

    1. Aragedy Kilof

      Sorry this is so long, much more than 500 words. But I got on a roll and couldn’t stop. I hope you enjoy it.

      BTW, I’m thinking I did not do the dialog quoting right. What is the way to quote a dialog like that?

  23. clalbert

    What a strange evening that was. The moon was red, It‘s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was on, and Barry wanted to be a woman. Why he had felt the need to get up on top of a table and shout it out for the world to hear wasn’t exactly clear, but all the best to him in any case. You know, now that I think about it, the man had always had a penchant for fashion…
    Never mind about that. A little while later I became transfixed by a pumpkin that I had been carving earlier that day. It was purely for decoration, but this pumpkin was glaring back at me with the most outrageous expression I’d ever had the displeasure of putting on its face. If the poor thing could talk it might just start cursing me with lopsided teeth sticking out from a crooked maw. Truly, I’d done this mellow character a disservice.
    Deciding that I had nothing better to do, and that this injustice would not stand, I made my way over to the table across the lawn that Barry had so brazenly stood atop to deliver his great revelation. The sight of him ripping off his shirt to reveal a bra and corset will be forever etched into my memory. Fortunately, even after all of the hugging and crying of acceptance, the folks that had gathered around left my pumpkin carving tools by their lonesome.
    After gathering them up, and feeling good about my soon to be handsome orange friend, I started to make my way over to the ugly little thing.
    Now, Uncle Barry didn’t always used to be a big hugger, but after he announced his ‘true self’ he was just so damned jazzed that everybody at the party got a big smooch on the cheek and a not so feminine bear hug. I’d managed to side-step his attempts before this time, and believe me he’d tried, but now I was distracted; an easy target.
    Standing there, tools in one hand, and the other out in front of me with a thumb up like you might see an artist do in some movie (for perspective, mind you), I heard the tell-tale flip-flop of the shoes Barry was wearing that night and a loud exclamation of “Got You!” before I was suddenly thrust forward through the air straight toward the pumpkin I’d been surveying the moment before.
    I felt my tools go one way, and as I twisted to better catch myself, all I could think was Barry needed to shave his arms, and that there was no way he could pull off being a girl.
    So, kids, that’s how we got this picture… and how my head got stuck in a pumpkin.

  24. wyocampbell

    Okay, Okay I have a confession! I asked Meryk to take a book back to my friend Max. I told her that he would not be home until after work and that I had to go to class and would not be able to get it to him on time. I told her he needed it for a report and there was no way to make a connection unless she would do me a favor.

    Right after leaving Meryk’s place I met Max at his house and we set out our scary looking pumpkins and started the halloween sounds CD. Everything went pretty much as planned. Meryk called to make sure that Max was home and came right over. Just as she knocked on the door I jumped out of the bushes. And that is how I got my head stuck in the pumpkin.


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