Magic Poem

Write a made-up magic spell, including ingredients, chants, and actions. Now, turn it into a poem.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Magic Poem

  1. tmcasler

    To Be Free
    Why roses of course, that goes unsaid
    But make sure that they are very dead
    Next is a lock from your lover’s head
    Make sure it’s one they naturally shed
    Some secret herbs I’ll tell you naught
    Now comes a frog’s blood clot
    Then we add all kinds of rot
    Just enough to loosen the knot
    For the ingredients we are all done
    Now the chanting has begun
    “Kifo Aphrodite” must be sung
    Now you are free from your loved one

  2. c simone king

    Chrysanthemum, roses, poppies
    Wind the hourglass, wind the hourglass
    Stones, cones, and guidance
    The meaning of heartache is sloppy
    Take the liver down and wring it out
    Throw in the buds and biddings
    Lovers might is nothing for kidding
    Time will pass
    Wind the hourglass and brew the mutlitude of silver
    Don’t forget to rinse the liver
    Love and wheat combined makes
    Haughty substances burst into shrines
    Angst and pasted the subtle sublime
    If only you my pretty were mine
    What is love
    What is what
    Wind the hourglass


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