Friendly Execution

You’re in an unfamiliar situation. People you know are there, though they are all acting strange. As the scene moves on, it becomes clear that you’re about to be executed by friends and you have no idea why. Find out why and attempt to save yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Friendly Execution

  1. lori k

    She clearly looked to be white but her birth certificate said that her mother was caucasian but her father had been black.

    The men that stood before her in their crisp, clean uniforms yelled and pointed, screaming racial slurs that hurt not only her ears but also her very soul.

    She had not been raised with her paternal father. He had died when she was merely a baby. Her mother had moved the small family to a northern state and married another. He had not even known the true race of the three young girls that had taken his last name.

    “What have I done wrong?” Lisa cried out to the men that formed a crowd around her.

    One of the men that stood before her took the burning cigarette out of his mouth and walked slowly up to the frightened woman.

    “You have pretended to be one of us bitch,” he yelled in her face. Spit flew from cracked lips, landing on her fevered cheeks. “That is a crime that you will pay for with your pathetic life.”

    “No, please,” she begged but it was in vain. She looked around her and saw the bodies of so many others that were no more black of skin than she. There was no hope, not for her.

    Then a face broke through the crowd. A man that she had know since her childhood. The man that she knew as her daddy. He had adopted her. He loved her. He would fix this mess and they would leave this ugly place arm in arm.

    But then the truth fell upon Lisa as the man that she had known as her father walked out of the crowd of antagonists. He wore one of their uniforms. He was not just a soldier, he was their leader.

    “Give me the weapon,” he said as he watched her crumble to the cold, wet ground.

    “Give me the gun,” he repeated,”I’ll kill her. It will be my pleasure.”

    Lisa didn’t look up into the face of evil. It was there as surely as the sun was in the sky. She didn’t need
    to be reminded of who was there to be her executioner.

    His words had done more than any bullet ever could. The words had already killed her.

  2. kathleenmagner

    Harriet stormed for the front hatch.

    “No,” said Sargent. He grabbed her wrist and halted her departure. “You can’t go, Harri.”

    Wheeling on him, Harriet poured out all the aggravation swelling over the past hour. “What do you mean I can’t go?”

    “You have to stay,” said Merry, “we have to do this.”

    She smiled that sweet smile she used on their most difficult clients, the ones who didn’t understand why their cryofunds couldn’t be instantaneously transferred across the solar system.

    “This way,” said Sargent.

    Harriet scowled when he tugged her arm, crinkling her suit’s plastic sleeve. His unrelenting grip convinced her to traipse down the hall and into the sitting room before he decided to simply carry her back inside.

    The circular arrangement of high backed stools remained unchanged from when she’d turned away from the threesome and sought the exit. Sargent led her to the hip-high glass table cleared of cups and dishes, digital readers and holographic resolvers accompanying a regular evening. Tonight, all such niceties had vanished, leaving room for their collective judgment.


    “No.” Harriet tried wrenching her arm free, but Sargent wouldn’t slacken his grip.

    “It’s for your own good,” said Benny.

    He planted his massive hands on her shoulders, raised veins poking from his pallid skin and strengthening his gaunt fingers. When he pushed down and Sargent stepped forward, their combine efforts undermined her knees and Harriet stumbled against the table’s edge before plopped like a spattered bug upon the glass.

    Curling her legs up and under her, Harriet clasped the vacuumed zippers threading the chest of her suit. “I don’t understand why you’re doing this.”

    “It’s time for you to go,” said Merry.

    “What do you think I was trying to do?” She swept an angry hand at hatch lost around the corner and the trio flinched as one.

    “You can’t go that way,” said Sargent, “not again.”

    “Lay down,” said Benny. He patted the glass like a pillow.

    Harriet shook her head. “This is insane.”

    “Then indulge us,” said Merry, “and it’ll be over that much faster.”

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