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Let’s write a story together. Add one sentence to help further the story (you can read the sentences before it to stay on theme). There is one catch: You must start your sentence with the alphabet letter that follows the one that started the prior sentence. For example, if the last sentence is “The sun was shining bright that morning,” the first word of your sentence must start with a “U.” (When it gets to “Z,” start back again with “A.”).

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16 thoughts on “First Letter Next Letter

  1. lori k

    No one noticed as I left my spot on the sidewalk, becoming invisible during teleportation. Maybe the caffeine will help the journey go even faster.

  2. singingwriter1673

    Zoom! The bus passed right by my with lightning speed. I was immediately confused and I couldn’t help but look around to see if anyone else had seen the bus.


    ManNaZoids from the planet Anus-Anus are real and they’re the worst of any brew aliens who have terrorized Terra Furma in recent years because they are the equivalent of twin assholes.

  4. Nareik98

    Lo and behold this was my imagination playing up on me. Again. I had to stop with those early morning espressos. What was even more shocking than my addiction to caffeine however, was who was standing infringe of me.

  5. Alayna

    Kestrels screeched in the background, the noises seeming to elongate and twist as I felt my world melt away; the sky shimmered and it was almost as if reality was shifting- I was being teleported.

  6. hillsworth

    “I can’t. I really have to pee.” I shout over my shoulder, hoping it will slightly deter the pursuer, giving me the advantage to make it to the well lit shopping mall just ahead.


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