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Where is your favorite place to read and why?

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    Noted author, entrepreneur and publisher Tracy E. Warren recently interviewed for Writers Digest, new and upcoming writer McKevin Webster, and asked the age old question among others, “Where is your favorite place to read and why?”

    WD: “Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and granting Writer’s Digest an interview.”
    MW: ”No, the pleasure is all mine because WD started me in the direction to become a professional
    writer and publisher.

    WD: “How so, and please explain?”
    MW: “In 2012, I participated in the weekly prompt short story submissions. I wanted to present my work
    in an arena of my peers. They were brutally honest and ever encouraging and I thank them all for
    their criticisms.”

    WD: “Do you remember any criticisms in particular or who was your harshest critic?”
    MW: “Oh yes I remember. It was screen name Ishmael. He was an established writer and editor and each
    week he brought that experience to the forum. He pissed off a lot people, including me but in the
    end, it was good to be on his team. He told me to “push my writings to places I would never go”
    to find out whom the real McKevin Webster was as a writer. I did and here we are. He has no idea
    how much I appreciated and still appreciate his input.

    WD: ”What would you say to him if you ever met him?”
    MW: ”Thank you and thank you again.”

    WD: ”Let’s move on to the area of writing content. What do you most like to write about and why?”
    MW : ”I started writing because there were few characters out there that looked, sounded and lived like
    me. Sexuality is a strange force in the world. It’s wiring everybody has but not everybody
    accepts. So, since there weren’t many black gay characters in the non fictional works I read, I
    decided to create them. Now the public can get an upfront and personal viewpoint of what the
    world looks like through a gay person’s eyes.”

    WD: “Are you hoping to effectuate change from the masses who do not accept gay people?”
    MW: “No. That would be too draining and a waste of time. I know you can’t change people who
    don’t want to change. I would like to enlighten them however. Hopefully, through my writings,
    readers will see a different side of people like me through characters I present in my writings. If it
    helps someone, I’ve done my job. If my writing changes someone for the good, even better.”

    WD: “What writers inspired you to do what you do?”
    MW: “The first book I read that had a positive gay character was “Pat Warren’s The Front Runner.” That
    book made me thirsty for more stories about people like me. There weren’t many so I’m writing
    them. E Lynn Harris is another writer whose works I admire. I actually got to meet him in
    Chicago years ago. I had a question about his book “Invisible Life.” After I explained why I had
    the question, he told me “You should write because you tell a pretty good story.” He has no idea
    what that meant. I hope I’m doing him proud.”

    WD: “You are, with titles like Decease’s Piece, BDC, Not Your Concern, Beola Speaks, BULLIES,
    Clicks!, Winner, Stunt, Starwhisps just to name a few. You are and believe me, he knows it.”
    MW: “Thank you. Maybe he can help get some heavenly support in adapting my works for TV and the
    Movie Screens.”


    WD: “Is there any one particular work you would like to see made into a movie first and why?”
    MW: ”The Bird of Paradise Series” first and then the “Revenge” series. Why? I believe those
    works show how I’ve grown as a writer. They also open the doors to where I would like to go as a

    WD: “I wanted to ask you where do you get your vivid characters from and do you know these people?”
    MW: “Yes and yes. I create most characters based on family, friends and people who have influenced me
    the most. Some of them come from everyday observations of people and people like telling me
    things. I put my spin on it and it becomes a character or the plot for a story. I love creating
    worlds, circumstances and characters who represent the fullness of life.

    WD: “There are some who say you are too liberal in your views and writings. What do you say to them?”
    MW: “Okay. America is the greatest country because there is room for everybody. We just have to let
    people find their way and give them room to grow. For me, no subject is off limits because gay
    people are everywhere every day, living life.”

    WD: “Do you consider yourself a role model?”
    MW: “No! But if someone sees my work as positive and want to use it to model what I do, I hope they
    feel free to do so. I need all the help I can get in letting others like me know, if you hang in there
    its gets better!”


    WD: ”What are you working on now?”
    MW : ”I’m trying to partner with several organizations who could use a monetary blessing to
    further their good. I believe if we help each other, everyone gets ahead.”

    WD: “Are organizations opened to working with you and your promotional causes?”
    MW: “So far so good.”

    WD: “I understand that you recently won a prestigious award. Is that true?”
    MW: “I recently received “The National Image Award” something I’m very proud of. And it’s always
    nice to be honored for just being yourself. It means I’ve showed up for my life.”

    WD: “Let’s play Lighting Round Questions okay?”
    MW: ” Go!”

    WD: “Will Gay Marriage be accepted in all fifty states yes or no?”
    MW : “Yes!”

    WD: ”TV will become obsolete, yes or no?”
    MW: “No, but the programming will be limited. Currently, most television watchers are over the age 50.
    When that population begins to die out, television, as we know it will change.”

    WD: “Books will disappear?”
    MW: ”No they are not going to disappear but they will take another form.”

    WD: “One day you’ll win an Academy Award for writing?”
    MW: “It is written and it is done!”

    WD: “Do you have a love life or a love in your life?”
    MW : “Yes!”

    WD: ”Is he one of your characters?”
    MW: “No comment.”

    WD: “Favorite type of music and why?”
    MW: ”That’s easy. Jazz, because you never hear the same song the same way twice.”

    WD: “Are some of your characters gay superheroes?”
    MW: “Yes and No. Yes, because they are regular people doing extra ordinary things and no because they
    don’t have super powers. At least not yet they don’t.”

    WD: “You write music?”
    MW : ”Yes, I am published.”

    WD: “Favorite song?
    MW: “Ain’t No Way by Aretha Franklin.”

    WD: “How do you react to a bad review of one of your books?
    MW: “I try to channel that energy whether it’s negative or positive into the next project. Everyone is
    entitled to their opinions and I realize, I’ll never make everyone happy.”

    WD: “When are you going to write your autobiography?
    MW: “A little bit of me is in everything I write. Other than that, I’ll know when the time is right to put
    out a tell all book.”

    WD: “What’s your favorite fruit?
    MW: “Oranges.

    WD: “What do you want to be when you grow up?
    MW: ”A kid because kids are not afraid to do anything.”

    WD: ”What is the single most powerful challenge when it comes to writings set in the past?
    MW: ”Remembering the details when I was there and what other people said to me back then.”

    WD: “Do you research your writings?
    MW: ”My writings are based on my living experiences. I might look up music, television shows and bios
    but that’s about it.”

    WD: “How do you feel about being interviewed?
    MW: ”It’s harder than writing or waiting on a response from a publisher because you don’t know what’s
    going to happen next.”

    WD: ”What’s the loveliest thing you have ever seen?
    MW: ”Witnessing one of my nephews being born. I was in the room. I gave up chitterlings after seeing
    the after birth came out.”

    WD: ”Is there something you wanted to say that we didn’t ask?”
    MW ”I’d like to thank Writers Digest, HBO, Oprah Winfrey and OWN and my fans for believing in me
    and giving me a chance to do what I do. I’d like to thank my entire family because it for them that I do this. Love you mama and dad. A big shout out to my muse Nelson Beverly for if he didn’t
    know me, and I didn’t know him and God, none of this would be possible. We’ve been through a
    lot together.”

    WD: “Who is your favorite author?”
    “Walter Mosely. I love everything he’s written and will write in the future.”

    WD: “Finally, Mr. Webster where do you like to write and why?”
    MW: “The bathroom because it’s quiet and no one disturbs me when I’m reading or writing there. I
    actually have books, pens and writing tablets in there to help me get work done that I might not
    otherwise do. I’m in my world. Good, bad or indifferent.”

    WD: “Thank you and come back anytime…


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