What Every Author Should Know About Book Cover Design

While few authors have the creative skills to design their own book covers, understanding the design process and how covers impact sales is critical to working directly with a freelance designer or your publisher’s marketing team, and offering productive feedback.

  • What design terms and concepts should all authors be familiar with?
  • How does the book cover design process work for trade and indie authors?
  • What are the differences between cover design for print and ebooks?
  • How can a book cover impact reviews and sales?

Join us live on Wednesday, October 17 at 1 PM EDT for this free Writer’s Digest webinar featuring Suanne Laqueur, Patrick Knowles, Ricardo Fayet and WD’s Jess Zafarris to learn everything you need to know about book cover design, and get insightful tips on how to get the best covers possible for your books. This webinar is sponsored by Reedsy.

Learn more and register here.

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