Sell Your Book Like Wildfire: The Writer’s Guide to Marketing & Publicity

ultimate guide to marketing | how to sell a bookThe life of a writer is filled with moments of ups and downs — but one thing in common among successful authors is a willingness and time set aside to work and develop their craft. Another important element for writers who want to actually make a living and get paid for their writing is knowing how to market your book, which is exactly what Rob Eagar teaches you to do in Sell Your Book Like Wildfire.

This book is refreshing because it doesn’t tell you what you should do. Rather, it gives you the know-how to actually do it. Take for example, building an author platform. You’ve probably heard it’s a must for any author, yet do you know how exactly to do it? You’ll learn what makes a website effective and principles that can help grow your community in Chapter 5: Starting a Wildfire With Your Author Website. You’ll find chapters on:

  • Establishing your expertise
  • Lighting a fire in your readers
  • Making your mark with an author brand
  • Building book-marketing tools into your manuscript
  • Starting a wildfire with your author website
  • Capturing more media interviews
  • Turning media interviews into book sales
  • Using Amazon to sell more books
  • How to use social networking to your advantage
  • Working with a publisher
  • How to drive word of mouth
  • Selling books through public speaking
  • Creating newsletters that get results
  • Marketing tips for fiction writers

As Rob Eagar says in the introduction, “My desire is to help you light a fire under your marketing plan, get your book in front of more people, create a word-of-mouth wildfire, and enjoy the response of happy readers. This book is for the author who is dedicated to reaching a larger audience and changing thousands of lives through literature.” Take his advice and tips on marketing your book along with hard work, dedication, persistence, and patience to grow your audience and sell more books.

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