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Author Archives: M.J. Rose

E-Mail Newsletter Dos and Don’ts

Follow this newsletter etiquette from readers, writers and marketing folks to keep your audience tuning in instead of tuning out.
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7 Ways to Develop an Affordable Marketing Plan

You’ve gained admission to the publishing world. But now you have to stand out to an entirely new group: your audience.

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What to Avoid When Marketing Your Writing

There really is such a thing as bad publicity. Here’s how to know just how far too far really is.

by M.J. Rose
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Is Blogging Right for You?

These days one of the answers to the question “What should I do to market my book?” is all too often “Go forth and blog.” But blogging isn’t right for every author.

by M.J. Rose
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2 Simple Blogging Exercises

Lessons and tips for working on specific aspects of your writing.
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5 Simple Marketing Tips from M.J. Rose

Here are 5 simple ways to prepare yourself to develop a successful marketing campaign around the publication of your book. 

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Why Authors Must Be Marketers Too

I may never win a Pulitzer Prize for any of my novels but I wrote three sentences in 2004 that have garnered me a lot of ink: “Writing is an art. Publishing is a business. And an oft broken business at that.” And like it or not, these days authors are finding it necessary to get involved in the business side—specifically the marketing of their books.

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Spend Your Marketing Dollars Wisely

With a bit of imagination and initiative, you can gain publicity for your book without emptying your bank account. Read more


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Don’t Forget the Marketing Synopsis

Publishers highly value those authors who know how to market their own work. Propose your ideas in a synopsis to gain that competitive edge. Read more

Getting Hooked on Buzz

After getting your book published, a new game begins: finding a hook for your work that will build buzz and translate into sales. Read more