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Since 1920, Writer’s Digest has chronicled the culture of the modern writer and we continue this great tradition today, helping writers develop their craft and hone their publishing acumen through insightful first-person essays, interviews with bestselling authors and profiles of emerging talent. Writer’s Digest also features invaluable information about the business side of writing and publishing; a directory of educational and practical resources and services; practical articles focusing on technique; tips and exercises on fiction, nonfiction, poetry and scriptwriting; and much more. is the essential online community and resource portal for writers in every stage and genre. It is a daily resource that offers frequently updated articles and blogs; educational webcasts, audio podcasts and virtual workshops; informational e-newsletters; and the Writer’s Forum, a lively virtual gathering place where writers share experiences, offer critiques, and make connections.

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Our 77,000 magazine subscribers and 700,000+ average unique visitors/month represent the largest community of published and aspiring fiction, poetry, screenplay and non-fiction writers anywhere and Writer’s Digest is the only writing publication the majority of them read.


Readership Demographics
29.8% Male
70.2% Female

Average age:  50.7 years old
70.4% are college graduates
32.2% hold advanced degrees

Average HHI:  $76,713

69.2% identified as intermediate to advanced writers
Average number of years they have been writing: 17.9

67.5 % read no other writing magazine
(including The Writer & Poets & Writers)

(Source: 2012 Writer’s Digest Survey)

Download the 2017 Writer’s Digest Media Kit

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